Adult Trainings

Adult Training FAQ


Which adult education training should I take first?
We recommend that you take the Trevor Ally Training prior to attending a Trevor CARE Training.

Who can attend adult education trainings?
The skills learned in our Trevor Ally and Trevor CARE trainings are applicable to a variety of different health and human service providers, professional educators, school staff and adults who work with young people.

Can you focus training curriculum on a particular issue?
Absolutely – once you submit your training request we will follow up with you to gather more information about your specific needs. We have experience focusing on:

  1. LGBTQ 101
  2. Homelessness and LGBTQ youth
  3. Keeping Transgender Youth Safe
  4. Family Behaviors: What Can Increase or Decrease the Risk?
  5. Bullying and Suicide: What is the connection?
  6. Safe Messaging: Talking About Suicide and LGBTQ Youth
  7. LGBTQ Youth, Faith and Religious Communities
  8. LGBTQ Students and the College Environment
  9. State or Regional Policy and Data

What size audience is best?
We try not to present for more than 100 people at a time. If you have more than 100 people who would like to attend, we are able to do more than one training a day or offer a webinar instead.

How long are these trainings?
Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours; trainings can be adjusted to fit most settings.

How far in advance should I request in-person trainings?
We need at least 3-weeks-notice, but the sooner you can give us a date, the better.

Can you do these trainings in Spanish?
At this time we only offer workshops in English.

Who can request adult education trainings?
In-person trainings are available to educators and youth service providers in:
New York City and the tri-state metro area (New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island)
Albany, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Tulare County, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Washington, D.C. metro area

For individuals who want to request a workshop and who are outside of the above listed areas there are two options available: You can take advantage of our monthly webinars or on a limited basis, The Trevor Project’s education staff will travel to conduct trainings in other locations upon request. For these requests, please contact Nathan Belyeu, 212-695-8650 x330.

How much does attending or hosting in-person trainings cost?
Nothing – it’s free!

Can we host adult trainings if our educational community or organization has recently experienced a completed suicide?
The Trevor Project offers suicide prevention trainings. These are not postvention resources and cannot be conducted in a school or community where there has been a completion within the last year.

Sources of Postvention Consultation

National Association of School Psychologists

National Institute for Trauma and Loss

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline