Lara Embry, Ph.D.

Co-Vice Chair

Lara Embry, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and writer living in Los Angeles. She is currently working on a documentary film about lesbian families living in Birmingham, AL. Lara also has a children’s book in publication with Random House called ‘Mean Marlene’ which focuses on a child who learns to stop bullying. She previously co-wrote Jane Lynch’s memoir, ‘Happy Accidents’ (2011). Prior to her move to Los Angeles, Lara worked in a private practice setting as a clinical psychologist in Florida.

Lara went to Smith College for her BA; Columbia University, for a Masters in Philosophy; and then the University of Washington for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. As a psychologist she has conducted research and published in the areas of resilience, family psychology, youth homelessness, and psychobiology. Her private practice has focused on issues related to adolescent development, family dynamics, anxiety, depression, as well as sexual and gender identity.

Lara has a long history of advocacy for equality for all. She was awarded the Justice Award by NCLR in 2009 for her role in the case that required Florida to recognize same sex adoptions obtained in other states. Lara’s favorite thing in life is spending time with her two daughters, who are amazing teenage humans.