Federal Advocacy

Data Collection and Research

For governments to take action, policymakers need to see data supporting the changes you want them to make. In Trevor’s case, this means making sure as much data as possible exists about the health and behaviors of LGBTQ youth so lawmakers can build policies that create safer environments nationwide.

Accurate data collection that includes LGBTQ young people is critical to identifying and ending health disparities facing our community. The Trevor Project encourages federal, state, and local governments to fund the study of LGBTQ youth health needs, to add questions that include LGBTQ youth to all data collection tools and to officially designate LGBTQ people as a health disparity population.


One important way The Trevor Project is improving data collection about LGBTQ youth is through the Youth Health Risk Behavior Survey, a federal survey administered by the CDC. By encouraging more states and cities to add questions about sexual orientation and gender, we can look at how LGBTQ youth report on drug use, violence, sexual behavior, and suicide risk.

See our State Advocacy map to determine whether your state collections data on LGBTQ youth.