Lifeguard FAQ

Who is this workshop for?
The Trevor Project's Lifeguard Workshop is for middle school, high school and college age youth. All young people, not just LGBTQ youth, can learn from the Lifeguard Workshop. This workshop is not for adult audiences.

Where can this workshop be conducted?
We have delivered this workshop in a variety of settings like health classes, social studies classes, gay-straight alliance club meetings, anti-violence programs and a wide array of other youth-serving organizations.

What size audience is best?
The workshop works best with an audience of 35 people or less. This way everyone is given a chance to participate and give input on the issues we discuss. We never present the Lifeguard Workshop in an assembly setting. If you would like to accommodate more than 35 people, we can do more than one Lifeguard Workshop in a day or run multiple sessions at the same time.

How long is the workshop?
Anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The workshop can be adjusted to fit most settings.

Can you do this workshop in Spanish?
At this time we only offer workshops in English.

How much does hosting a Lifeguard Workshop cost?
Nothing – it’s free!

Can we host a workshop if our school, community or organization has recently experienced a completed suicide?
The Lifeguard Workshops is a suicide prevention workshop. It is not a postvention resource and cannot be conducted in a school or community where there has been a completion within the last year.

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