Policies known as “No Promo Homo” and “Don’t Say Gay” laws ban educators from talking about LGBTQ people, issues or history at all or only allow negative discussion. These laws keep supportive teachers from speaking out in the classroom and may restrict or even eliminate vital safe spaces and affirming resources for LGBTQ youth, including activities, clubs, and discussions that support LGBTQ students.

Compared to states without “No Promo Laws”, LGBTQ students in states with these harmful laws were:

  • Less likely to report having supportive teachers and staff at their school
  • Less likely to report having LGBT-related resources in school
  • Less likely to report effective intervention from school staff in handling bullying and harassment problems
  • More likely to report hearing homophobic remarks from school staff

map showing states with laws that restrict the inclusion of lgbtq topics in schools


GLSEN 2013 National School Climate Survey