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The Trevor Resource Kit is appropriate for youth in grades 6-12 and pairs with the Trevor Lifeguard Workshop, an AFSP/SPRC Best Practice for Suicide Prevention. A $25 value, the Trevor Resource Kit is provided at no cost to teachers, school counselors, social workers, and adults who work youth.
However,donations are appreciated!

The Trevor Resource Kit includes:

25 brochures about The Trevor Project
25 Trevor Lifeline wallet cards
9 CARE cards
5 Coming Out As You pocket-size guides
5 You Are Not Alone stickers
1 DVD Trevor Lifeguard Workshop*
1 Resource + Curriculum Guide
1 Safe Space poster
1 flier about the Academy Award® winning short film Trevor
1 Support Inventory worksheet

* On the order form, you can choose to receive the DVD or stream the workshop online.

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Click here to download our Books + Films List

The Books + Films List provides additional resources that are appropriate for LGBTQ young people, educators, and parents.