About The Trevor Project

Strategic Plan


The Board of Directors and staff of The Trevor Project will focus its energies in the areas of developing and providing effective quality services, ensuring maximum outreach and visibility, advocating for public policy that helps us achieve our mission, enhancing existing and developing new expertise, identifying and securing resources that help sustain and expand our programs as well as ensuring that the Trevor Project has the right Board and staff expertise to fulfill its mission and vision.

Effective Quality Services


  • Maintain and expand Trevor safety net services to support LGBTQ youth.
  • Use state of the art technology to reduce suicide risk for LGBTQ youth
  • Maintain accreditations and attain best practices for all programs
  • Implement well care strategies for staff and volunteers     

Outreach & Visibility


  • Increase visibility of The Trevor Projects services to youth across America
  • Utilize fundraising events to increase media recognition
  • Utilize and expand Trevor’s digital platforms for maximum visibility and engagement
  • Develop marketing and communication initiatives that inform about depth of Trevor programming
  • Leverage celebrity and key stakeholder support to educate and inform

Public Policy


  • Develop and implement Public Policy program that increases The Trevor Project’s advocacy at the state and national level
  • Secure relationships with key policy makers



  • Position The Trevor Project as a nationally recognized expert in suicide prevention with LGBTQ youth
  • Ensure The Trevor Project’s data and research is effectively cited and used to guide policy and programming to reduce suicide for LGBTQ youth
  • Recruit experts in the field of LGBTQ suicide prevention for Trevor Advisory Council

Resource Development


  • Develop and implement fundraising strategic plan
  • Strengthen organizational capacity by engaging more volunteers and broadening volunteer opportunities
  • Develop facilities/equipment needs plan

Board Governance


  • Ensure alignment with strategic plan
  • Increase financial accountability for resource development
  • Right size board to provide effective governance for The Trevor Project
  • Board recruitment reflects commitment to diversity of geography, demographics and skills