Coming Out As You

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"The hardest thing I have ever had to deal with was accepting my sexuality. But it’s who I am. In fact, it is something that I would never want to change." - Ruby, 18, (Hawaii)

Sharing a big part of who you are with other people can be exciting and tough. That's why The Trevor Project created "Coming Out As You" - a guide to help you explore important parts of who you are. 

Inside you will find questions that many young people think about, and blank spaces to brainstorm how you might answer them. There are also two great worksheets that can help you organize your thoughts.

After thinking it through you may decide not to come out – and that’s ok too. Many people choose not to for different reasons.

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Check out these bonus chapters!

• Coming Out As Bisexual

• Coming Out As A Straight Ally

• Understanding Gender

• Labels Are For You to Determine

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• Coming Out Constellation

• The Spectrum