Trevor Lifeguard Workshop

Lifeguard Workshop Video

Are you an educator, school counselor, school nurse or youth group leader?


Are you an educator, school counselor, school nurse or youth group leader? Bring suicide prevention education to your school or group and help us reach our goal of training 5,000 new Trevor Lifeguards!

The Trevor Lifeguard Workshop video trains students to:

• Identify the challenges faced by LGBTQ people
• Recognize the warning signs of suicide
• Respond to someone who may be in crisis in a way that keeps themselves and their peers safe.

This video training is based on Trevor’s in-person workshop that is listed in the SPRC/AFSP Best Practice Registry for Suicide Prevention and is free of charge to educators and youth service providers.

Before we get started we’d love to get a little more information about you.

And, if you’re a student, we encourage you to talk to your teachers or school administrators about bringing suicide prevention to your school using this template.

Step 1 

Request a Trevor Resource Kit. The Trevor Resource Kit is full of helpful tools and materials that will help you make your Lifeguard Workshop a success.

Step 2

Complete this interactive e-learning module to learn how to effectively facilitate a Lifeguard Workshop with youth. After you have completed this online training module you will be given access to the  Lifeguard Workshop Video and training materials. Coming September 15th.

Step 3

Conduct a workshop and provide us with feedback!


For the answers to frequently asked questions about the Lifeguard Workshop Video go here.