Trevor Resource Kit for Adults

The Trevor Project is proud to launch the newly expanded Trevor Resource Kit! This package of updated tools is intended specifically for educators, counselors, school administrators and other adults who work with youth who want to create safe, affirming spaces that support the mental health of the LGBTQ young people in their care. This exciting new resource replaces the Trevor Resource Kit and is available to order now. 

Activities, posters, stickers and handouts included in the Trevor Resource Kit are designed to encourage discussion with youth about tough topics like depression and suicide and help them build a culture of empathy for their LGBTQ peers.

The Trevor Resource Kit also has chapters just for adults. These sections spread awareness of the unique mental health challenges facing LGBTQ youth, as well as discuss the warning signs of suicide, why creating safe spaces for youth can save lives, and how they can connect a young person with appropriate support if they need it.

Order now to receive a Trevor Resource Kit for your classroom or youth group!