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Trevor on the Road

By: Abbe Land, Executive Director & CEO

As we move into the first few months of 2014, Trevor is already traveling the states to speak at pivotal LGBTQ conferences around the country. Now, more than ever, it is time to make sure that every LGBTQ young person knows about The Trevor Project.

In January, Trevor was at the Gay Christian Network’s conference in Chicago where we presented Trevor CARE and shared our resources with over 700 LGBTQ Christians, allies, and parents of LGBTQ youth. Next, Trevor is on its way to Texas, where we’ll be at Creating Change – one of the largest LGBTQ conferences in the country – to host the Youth Hospitality Suite, lead our first ever pre-conference session, and participate in seven workshops.

On February 14, The Trevor Project will be attending HRC’s Time to Thrive conference, of which we are a sponsor. I am excited to speak during the conference about Trevor and the life-saving work we do for LGBTQ youth, and our Education Team is also conducting three workshops – two for adults, and one for youth.

Both on and off the road, Trevor is dedicated to furthering our efforts to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth. Through attending conferences, connecting with new groups of youth and advocates, expanding our ever-growing programs, and gaining momentum on our advocacy initiatives, we know that 2014 will be full of life-changing opportunities. To learn more about the goals we accomplished last year, please stay tuned for our new fully digital annual report, which will be going live later this month.

Airplane photo by: Vox Efx