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Loving Our Volunteers

Trevor volunteer, Gena, at a NOH8 photo shoot.

This month we’re highlighting Gena, a multi-service volunteer who joined The Trevor Project’s administrative offices in West Hollywood this past October.  She quickly found a passion working with the Trevor team – and we quickly fell in love with her generous, eager, and kind personality.

“Gena brings a bright and positive energy to Trevor’s office, and always brings treats for the Trevor staff to show how much she appreciates our work,” said Brent Webster, Development Coordinator, who works closely with Gena. “She’s always looking for more ways to help and spread the word about Trevor.”

Gena, who is CEO of the company she co-founded in 2007, commented on her experience at Trevor, saying, “When I truly believe in something, the most loving thing I can do is to serve its cause. It has been a deeply rewarding experience working alongside Trevor’s passionate staff.  My favorite days of the week are the days I spend here!”

In December Gena also became a donor, purchasing a table at TrevorLIVE to introduce more of her friends to The Trevor Project’s mission. This year, we are also excited to welcome Gena into our training program for crisis services volunteers.

“I can relate in many ways to these troubled youth, having struggled myself as a questioning teen with feelings of loneliness, isolation, desperation, and suicide,” said Gena.  “Trevor would have made a difference in my life back then.  My hope is that I can make a difference in others’ lives, even simply by letting them know they are not alone.”

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