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Sofitel Hotel Hosts Trevor Board Advance

“Why did the Sofitel Hotel choose to support Trevor? We simply have the same values,” said Joe Vincent Janolo, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. From May 16-18, the Sofitel Hotel opened their doors to The Trevor Project’s Board Member Advance, which is a dynamic meeting that helps inform the future of the organization, including how we can best support LGBTQ youth in crisis. Thanks to their support and in-kind donation, the Advance was a huge success!

“It was great pleasure to host this event for an amazing group of people who dedicated their time and resources to save lives,” said Joe. “To meet the founders, board members and staff of The Trevor Project; to learn about the organization; and to simply contribute to a great cause – this was an opportunity we simply could not say no to. It was also a great opportunity to showcase our hotel and services to the LGBT community.”

The Sofitel Hotel is a longtime supporter of the LGBT community at the local, national, and global level. In Beverly Hills, the company has participated in and contributed to the AIDS Walk Los Angeles for many years. Internationally, their LGBT-friendly properties are well known, and listed on many travel websites for guests in search of welcoming destinations. For the company, diversity, inclusion, and equality are paramount values.

“We are very proud to be given the opportunity to work with an amazing organization like The Trevor Project that empowers young people to be happy with who they and become the best that they can be,” said Joe. “Also, special thanks to Bill Hanley, Director of Sales and Marketing; Angela Harretche, Senior Catering Manager; Marius Blin, Executive Chef; Erin Noone, Banquet Manager; and the Banquet Team for making the Trevor Board Advance a true Sofitel Hotel experience.”

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