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Celebrate Kindness

#CelebrateKindness During GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week 2015

January 19 through January 23 is GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week (#NNCW15), and if you have 30 minutes and a computer, you can help foster respect, inclusion, and acceptance for LGBTQ youth in your community.

The Trevor Project and Kognito have partnered to create Step In, Speak Up! , an online interactive experience that helps educators and other youth-serving adults end anti-LGBTQ harassment and reach out to support LGBTQ youth. During #NNCW15 and throughout the year, this training is available at\OnlineTrainings.

LGBTQ youth are seven times more likely to experience verbal and physical violence than non-LGBTQ youth1, and about 28% of LGBTQ youth say they dropped out of school to escape violence and harassment – that’s three times the national average2. These staggering numbers need to change, and we need your help to make schools a safer place filled with trusted adults.

First, check out the map below to see if your state has free access to Step In, Speak Up! Whether you’re a student, educator, parent, or friend, you can help create a safer school environment free of name-calling, harassment, and bias – and that can be life-saving. If you don’t have free access, you can purchase training in the Kognito store. Every store purchase helps support our mission through a donation to The Trevor Project.

Students: Share Step In, Speak Up! with your favorite teachers, your school’s nurse or guidance counselor, your coaches, and other adults in your school.

Educators: Create an account and complete the30-minute Step In, Speak Up! training program to practice responding to biased comments, supporting a student who comes out, and connecting distressed students to appropriate support services (like The Trevor Project).

Parents and Friends: Let your school administration and community know about the availability of this program, and share the access information with educators who can participate.

How To Access Free Trainings
Fairfax County, VA:
Hawaii: email [email protected] for enrollment info
New York City:
San Bernardino County, CA: email [email protected] for enrollment info

You can learn more about the Kognito programs and our partnership here.

1. Lazear, K (2009). Safe Schools/Healthy Students, Making Communication Work for You.
2. Kosciw, J.G., Diaz, E.M., and Greytak, E. A. (2008). The 2007 National School Climate Survey: The experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in our nation’s schools. New York: GLSEN.