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Supporting Youth Who Make a Difference

By: Abbe Land, Executive Director & CEO

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing young people achieve incredible things. At The Trevor Project, I am lucky to see this happen every day through our volunteers, the brave youth who reach out to us, and our exceptional Trevor Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

The YAC is made up of 20 innovative young people who work to spread Trevor’s life-saving resources in their community, while working on several individual projects each year. This year, we have received hundreds of applications nationwide and there is still time to submit!

Here are just a few of the powerful projects our current YAC members recently completed.

Charlie Kerr from Brooklyn, New York, started “Trans Across America,” our country’s first-ever national map that provides a location-based list of over 150 potentially life-saving resources, support groups, and community tools. Charlie also appeared in The State of Out Youth panel this past October, and published a guest blog about her experience on the Trevor Youth Advisory Council.

Tom Woermer of Washington D.C. created a new partnership called “Power On” with The Trevor Project, Straight But Not Narrow, and Human I-T to bring digital resources to underserved, at-risk youth nationwide. The campaign was a great success, and Tom is planning to continue Power On into the future to ensure that LGBTQ youth have access to the life-affirming resources they need.

Hannah Kopach created a two-night event in Chicago featuring artist Steve Musgrave called “Art for Trevor,” where she and workshop participants focused on reducing stress and practicing self-care through art. After the presentation, attendees expressed themselves through creating artwork of their own while connecting with their peers.

Thanks to your generous support, The Trevor Project can empower these young people to imagine life-saving projects, make life-long connections, expand their leadership skills, and help change the world. I can’t wait to see who joins the Trevor YAC this year, and I look forward what this unique, diverse, and invaluable group will accomplish.

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