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Tyler Oakley’s Birthday Fundraiser Supports LGBTQ Futures

You may remember last year, when Tyler Oakley used his birthday to fundraise for The Trevor Project. This year, he’s repeating his generous campaign; and we are so grateful.

It’s amazing to see so many people come together to help empower the futures of LGBTQ youth in crisis. So far, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised with 42 days to go. Thousands of people are getting involved and are giving what they can to Tyler’s cause. As a “thank you” to the people who are donating, Tyler is offering postcards, campaign t-shirts, signed photos, personal Skype calls, and more.

Tyler has been involved with The Trevor Project for many years, and as his celebrity has grown he has continued to support our mission. Whether it’s been hosting our TrevorLIVE red carpet event alongside Shira Lazar (What’s Trending), meeting with our Trevor Youth Advisory Council, or taking the stage to accept the Trevor Youth Innovator Award (June 2013), Tyler has helped make a difference for The Trevor Project while sending a crucial message to LGBTQ youth: you are not alone.

Thank you, Tyler!