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New Youth Advisory Council Meets in NYC

This past weekend, the new Youth Advisory Council (YAC) met in New York for their annual leadership summit. During this pivotal time, new and returning members took time to bond, share common goals, brainstorm ideas for the future, and create lasting relationships that carry on far after their tenure with the YAC.

During the Summit, members spanning in age from 16 to 24 focused on many key topics, such as learning about Trevor’s programs, discussing advocacy initiatives, understanding how to share their stories, exploring ways to reduce suicide risks, and expanding their knowledge of LGBTQ youth.

This year, the YAC Summit would not have been possible if it weren’t for the support and generosity of Trevor’s co-founder, James Lecesne. James helped fundraise to ensure that everything was covered for this crucial conference – thank you so much, James!

In between official council business, Trevor’s staff took the youth to several iconic places, including The Stonewall Inn, The Village, Times Square, and a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty. The members even got to see James Lecesne in his new show, The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey. It was certainly a packed weekend that none of us will forget!

Now, for the first time, please help us welcome the following new YAC members! And of course, let us also celebrate the former members who have helped make this council a critical part of The Trevor Project’s mission to end suicide among LGBTQ youth.

Marisol Cervantes, 20
Caldwell, ID

Pat Cordova-Goff, 19
Azusa, CA

Cody Courtney, 20
Ellisville, MS

Dannie Dobbins, 19
Bloomington, IN

Rachel Epperly, 20
Clifton, ME

Eli Erlick, 19
Claremont, CA

Amelia, 17

Kegan Jones, 18
Marblehead, MA

Charlie Kerr, 22
Brooklyn, NY

Neeta Lachmandas, 16
Escondido, CA

Detrick Manning, 17
Baltimore, MD

Sabina Mendoza, 19
Provo, UT

Conner Mertens, 20
Kennewick, WA

Jessica Milford, 22
Pocatello, ID

Dominic Ravina, 18
San Rafael, CA

Anna Talajkowski, 17
Castro Valley, CA

Naijasia Thomas, 18
Galloway, NJ

Tom Woermer, 21
Washington, DC

Matthew Yeung, 17
San Ramon, CA

Appearance in Photo (L to R):

Back Row: Conner Mertens, Tom Woermer, Pat Cordova-Goff, Andy Talajkowski, Charlie Kerr, Dannie Dobbins — Middle Row: Cody Courtney, Matthew Yeung, Marisol Cervantes, Kegan Jones, Dominic Ravina, Eli Erlick, Detrick Manning — Front Row: Amelia, Neeta Lachmandas, Sabina Mendoza, Naijasia Thomas, Jess Milford