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How Do You Start an LGBTQ Conversation With The Pope? Hand Out #Popesicles

With the hope of bringing LGBTQ visibility to Philadelphia during Pope Francis’ visit on September 25, we partnered with the Lil Pop Shop and the advertising agency Tierney in creating and offering rainbow-colored Popesicles celebrating equal rights (and flavors).

Popesicles set up a mobile pop-up shop on 13th and Locust, encouraging the city of Philadelphia and its national visitors to enjoy a tasty, tolerant treat and help support our life-saving, life-affirming services.

Visitors were greeted by Mr. Popesicle, a dynamic rainbowed character who inspired people to Tweet and Instagram @trevorproject as they all “licked intolerance together.”

Popesicles were sold throughout the weekend at the Lil Pop Shop in University City (265 S 44th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104) and you can follow the conversation online with the hashtag #Popesicles. To keep the support going, you can text Popesicles to 41444.