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Statement from Abbe Land: North Carolina Passes Anti-LGBTQ Law

We join thousands of human rights advocates in expressing outrage over the passage of HB 2, which invalidates all LGBTQ protections throughout North Carolina, including prohibiting safe access to restrooms for the transgender community. The fact that Governor Pat McCrory took such a narrow-minded, anti-human action so late at night, with little notice, demonstrates he knows the public will be fighting back. LGBTQ rights are human rights, and taking away the ability for a city to make its citizens safe and equal goes against the basic tenets of government responsibility. We are here 24/7 for all young people in North Carolina who now have to deal with the emotional impact of witnessing authoritative figures in their home state take an action that may negatively impact their futures.  We cannot back down now. There will always be more work to do.

To join us in inspiring change across the U.S., learn about how to take action on our Advocacy Page. Thank you for helping save young lives by being a part of local, state, and federal change.

Abbe Land

Executive Director and CEO, The Trevor Project

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