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Take Part in Pride with Trevor

From May-October, The Trevor Project, along with partners Macy’s and AT&T, will be raising awareness about our lifesaving services by taking part in pride events across the nation. Find out how to participate and volunteer by clicking on an event below and registering. Thank you for showing LGBTQ youth that their lives matter!

May 14: DC Youth Pride

May 21: DC Trans Pride

June 3-5: Salt Lake City Pride

June 5: Queens Pride

June 11: Baton Rouge Pride

June 11: Brooklyn Pride

June 11: DC Capital Pride

June 12: Birmingham Pride

June 18-19: Chicago Pride

June 25: Nashville Pride

June 25-26: San Francisco Pride

June 26: Manhattan Pride

July 15-17: San Diego Pride

September 18: Dallas Pride

September 24: Memphis Pride

October 2: Castro Street Fair Pride

October 8-9: Atlanta Pride