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Why LGBTQ Youth Need Your Support This Summer

During the summer, many of Trevor’s youth can find themselves stuck at home in unsupportive environments, away from friends, or without the mental health resources they may have access to at school or college.

When LGBT youth were asked, “What is the most difficult problem facing you in your life these days?” The top answer was: “My parents and family are not accepting.” When a young LGBT person is thrown out of their family home or otherwise rejected, they are more than 8 times likely to attempt suicide, compared to youth whose families accept them for who they are.

LGBTQ youth facing a complicated summer need our help. Please consider giving at Other ways you can give include seeing if your employer will match your donation. Also during the summer, we’ve been grateful to companies such as Viacom and Deloitte, which have connected with us in valuable ways, such as marching with us at Pride and beautifying our Los Angeles and New York offices.

To help support Trevor as a company or individual, you can consider taking action in these ways:

The impact you make as an individual or company can help save young lives. Thank you for your support!