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Young People Find Community on a Fundraising Page for Trevor

A few months ago, The Trevor Project learned that many viewers of the CW’s TV show “The 100” were upset about a storyline that presented a lesbian character in an unfavorable way.  After two seasons of a storyline that built up to a possible relationship with bisexual character Clarke, the lesbian character Lexa was killed, as part of the plotline, which left several viewers with feelings of loss and disappointment.

One person, Gina Tass, a behavioral therapist, saw that these young people needed a place to process their feelings in a healthy way, so she created the Leskru fundraising page for The Trevor Project that could serve as a safe space where they could voice their opinions, make an impact together, and not feel alone. On March 6, 2016, The Trevor Project was pleasantly surprised to see donations flood in in an effort to turn this negative television moment into something truly positive.

With over 4100 donations, ranging from one dollar to several thousand, including a matched contribution from Zimbio, the LGBT Fans Deserve Better™ movement has raised over $155,000, showing that there is power in bringing our collective voices together. Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa) reported to the Daily Beast that she is proud her character’s storyline has inspired activism: “Just to think that it had such an impact on people…It’s kind of an honor…It became a positive thing, which is really the most important thing about it all.”

The Trevor Project is here 24/7 for all youth who are hurting at 1-866-488-7386 and The safe supportive online community has over 140,000 members who are looking for connection—connection similar to the type that the Leskru donors have found on just one fundraising page for Trevor. “We thank all Leskru donors who have given a voice to not only the lifesaving work of The Trevor Project, but also the LGBTQIA community as a whole,” says Abbe Land, CEO and Executive Director of The Trevor Project.

For Suicide Prevention Month, consider joining the Leskru community at

[LGBT Fans statement] We want to thank all of the amazing individuals who have responded to the LGBT Fans initiatives. With our latest project, we’ve managed to promote the Pledge for better representation on television, as well as push our total amassed funds for Trevor, past the $155,000 mark. We feel that the Trevor Project is in a unique position to understand the impact of how LGBTQ people are represented in the media, due to their daily interaction with LGBTQ youth, many of whom are struggling with loss and who are looking for connections and role models, and as such believe that this is a good match. We hope new and old supporters alike will continue to join us in the fight for better LGBTQIA characters and storylines in the media, as well as our projects to raise funds for Trevor and suicide prevention.

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