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Welcome Series-Part 4

Learn about our Education and Prevention Programs

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about The Trevor Project as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing our work with you. In our last email in this welcome series we would like to tell you more about our education programs.

Trevor’s education programs provide life-affirming and life-saving resources for LGBTQ young people. Trevor Education provides a number of supportive, youth-focused resources including the Trevor Lifeguard Workshop and Trevor’s adult training programs. We are continuing to expand our education and outreach initiatives in order to create safe, inclusive spaces for LGBTQ youth, in education and community centers across the country, like “Sandy,” a 16-year-old bisexual female from Maryland:

“My math teacher was the first adult I came out to. She noticed something was bothering me and asked about it after class one day. I told her I was bisexual and just broke down crying. She hasn’t taught me for two years but she still teaches me so much about embracing my identity and loving myself every single day. I don’t know what I’d do without her and I’m so grateful for her continued help.”

Lifeguard Workshop
Launched in February 2016, is an online educational resource that helps teachers, mental health professionals, social workers, administrators, PTAs, GSAs, and faith groups share lifesaving programs with youth in their communities.

This resource, shows youth they are not alone and it is brave to ask for help. Based on The Trevor Project’s in-person workshop, which is listed in the SPRC/AFSP Best Practice Registry for Suicide Prevention, we’ve designed The Lifeguard Workshop to include a video, Safer Spaces Guide, and empathy building lessons for middle school and high school aged youth. The Lifeguard Workshop teaches youth how to identify the challenges faced by LGBTQ people, recognize the warning signs of suicide, and respond to someone who may be in crisis. Classroom posters and other educational resources that can be ordered online.

Adult Trainings
Trevor CARE (Connect, Accept, Respond, and Empower) and Trevor Ally are training programs for youth-serving adults.The trainings provide an overview of LGBTQ youth culture and an opportunity to discuss the different environmental stressors that contribute to LGBTQ youth’s heightened risk for suicide. Ally and CARE cover research and popular methods that help adults identify and reduce the risk of suicide, as well as provide steps educators and other adults can take to promote a positive environment.

Learn how you can take part in these trainings.

TrevorSpace is our peer-to-peer life-affirming social network that links its users to all Trevor crisis services.The unique online resource functions as a virtual safe space for LGBTQ youth ages 13-24 and now has more than 130,000 members. TrevorSpace also has the distinct ability to cross international borders, curren