Give Out Day is April 20th!

The Trevor Project is celebrating Give OUT Day on April 20th, a 24-hour fundraising event that unites the LGBTQ community across America to raise money in support of the LGBTQ community. Since its inception in 2013, over 23,000 individual donors have contributed more than $3 million and supported more than 500 different organizations in every part of the country. LGBTQ nonprofits across the country, ranging from the arts to social services agencies, from advocacy groups to sports leagues, from community centers to health care nonprofits, have all benefitted.

For The Trevor Project, this year’s Give OUT Day holds extra special meaning.  Only months ago, the volume of youth reaching out to our crisis services surged to its highest level in Trevor’s history. In this time of crisis for our youth, thousands of donors quickly chipped in to help us fully staff our phone, chat, and text crisis lines. Even in these difficult times, these acts of kindness remind us that our young people can count on a diverse support network of LGBTQ friends and allies in 2017.

Our community has the power to save lives. Give OUT Day reminds us that even though we all have different levels of charitable capacity and motivations for giving, every member of our community can make that powerful lifesaving impact. Consider making a one-time gift or a monthly pledge of any amount on Give OUT Day to show our young people that they are never alone.

Expanded Hours for TrevorText and TrevorChat!

As we come upon celebrating our 20th Anniversary, The Trevor Project continues to be dedicated to serving the needs of our LGBTQ young people and being available for them where and when they need us.  As we move into our Trevor 2.0 phase preparing for 2018, we are thrilled to announce that we’re expanding TrevorText to 5 days a week, and we’re adding additional hours of availability to both TrevorChat and TrevorText!

Beginning May 1st, TrevorText is now available Monday to Friday from 3pm to 10pm ET/12pm to 7pm PT. Additionally, TrevorChat is now available from 3pm to 10pm ET/12pm to 7pm PT 7 days a week.

“As the youth we serve have become increasingly mobile, the expanding hours of TrevorText allows The Trevor Project to meet our youth where they’re at,” notes Brock Dumville, MPH, the Senior Crisis Services Manager at The Trevor Project.  “Many young people may not have access to a computer or have more privacy from their mobile device. Others feel safer chatting than talking on the phone. Being mobile-friendly makes it even easier for youth to reach a counselor whenever and wherever they need to.”

Being able to meet our youth on the devices that are easiest for them to access allows us to save even more young LGBTQ+ lives. The Trevor Project has been providing support for almost two decades on the Trevor Lifeline, the only nationally accredited suicide lifeline for LGBTQ+ youth available 24/7/365 at 1-866-488-7386.  Now, we’re hard at work building the infrastructure, supported by your generous donations, to expand TrevorChat and TrevorText to eventually also be available 24/7/365. In February of this year, The Trevor Project expanded TrevorText by adding an additional day of services from 3PM-9PM EST on Wednesdays, and in April, we expanded to include Tuesdays.

“Now more than ever, we need to focus on helping youth to find us when and where they need us.  Given the current political climate, it’s important for us to provide more tools for youth to reach us when they are in crisis,” notes our Vice President of Programs, David W. Bond, LCSW, B.C.E.T.S.  “Since the election The Trevor Project has experienced record contact volume, and providing support to LGBTQ+ youth is especially critical now.”

The outpouring of support in the wake of the election has us hopeful that we’ll be able to expand our services even further. If you would like to help us meet this demand, you can support our work here.  If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, the Trevor Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386, is available 3-10 pm EST 7 days a week, or you can text the word “START” to 6786780 Tues-Fri 3-10 pm EST. To learn more about how The Trevor Project is creating a brighter future for LGBTQ youth, visit

Trevor Youth Ambassador Council Accepting Applications

Are you an LGBTQ or allied young person age 16-24?  Do you know someone who would be interested in volunteering to serve as an Ambassador? We are now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 term.  Apply by May 15 to be considered.

The Youth Ambassador Council (YAC) is a group of ten young people, ages 16-24*, who serve as a liaison between youth nationwide and The Trevor Project. The young people selected for the YAC have demonstrated knowledge and/or leadership in the areas of suicide, LGBTQ equality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The YAC provides feedback to The Trevor Project and works on Trevor-led campaigns in an effort to increase Trevor visibility and best serve the LGBTQ youth population, build on their current leadership skills, and gain experience with a national non-profit organization.
*Youth under 18 will need guardian permission and all youth will need to sign a consent to be photographed.

The mission of the Youth Ambassador Council (YAC) is to maximize The Trevor Project’s lifesaving work by integrating the perspectives of representative young people into services, programs, and messaging; spreading awareness as organizational spokespeople; and furthering outreach in new geographical areas as regional coordinators.

·         Writing at least one guest entry on our national blog, TrevorNews
·         Serving as a “guest editor” for at least one week on our Tumblr & SnapChat pages
·         Engaging the TrevorSpace community through campaigns, forum posts, and other areas
·         Providing input and recommendations on our programs, services, and messaging
·         Opportunity after training to speak publicly during outreach events, to members of the media, and other outlets as an official youth representative
·         Advocating for and spreading awareness about Trevor in your local community

YAC members serve 1-year terms and elect two co-leaders who work directly with The Trevor Project’s staff to guide the council. Every 2 months, there is a group video conference meeting for the YAC and Trevor to discuss ideas, feedback, and updates.

TrevorSpace Re-Launches with a New Platform!

The Trevor Project has been providing support for almost two decades on the Trevor Lifeline, the only nationally accredited suicide lifeline for LGBTQ+ youth available 24/7/365 at 1-866-488-7386, and during that time we’ve seen social media become increasingly more important.  Youth were turning to social media not just for fun, but for support and community. To respond to this need, The Trevor Project launched our own peer-to-peer social media site for LGBTQ+ youth in 2008, called TrevorSpace. TrevorSpace now has nearly 150,000 members who support each other every day through serious discussions about coming out, suicide, mental health, and relationships. They also build their own community through more light-hearted conversations about their interests and passions.

We’re celebrating a re-launch and upgrade of TrevorSpace, which creates an even more easy-to-use platform for youth to connect with other like-minded peers. Unlike the Trevor Lifeline, TrevorText, or TrevorChat, TrevorSpace is not a crisis intervention tool, but rather an international social media site where LGBTQ youth from all over the world can connect. “TrevorSpace friendships can provide connections that we know can make a difference in the well-being of a young person, and can often mitigate the kind of isolation that increases a young person’s risk of suicide,” notes our Vice President of Programs, David W. Bond, LCSW, B.C.E.T.S.  By giving LGBTQ youth a safe place to connect with each other, TrevorSpace is a powerful resource for LGBTQ young people to find support among their peers.

TrevorSpace is an online, social networking community for LGBTQ youth ages 13 through 24 and their friends and allies. Youth can create personal profiles and connect with other young people throughout the country, as well as find resources within their communities. TrevorSpace is carefully monitored by administrators designated by The Trevor Project to ensure all content is age appropriate, youth-friendly and factual. This ensures the site provides the safest space possible for its young members, and that TrevorSpace remains a safe space for all LGBTQ people.

The safety and privacy of the LGBTQ youth members on TrevorSpace are both incredibly important to us. Members cannot privately message each other without staff and volunteers verifying who they are through a process called photo certification. In order to get photo certified, members have to submit a “selfie” of themselves holding a piece of paper that prominently displays their user ID. This helps young people know they are talking to other members who are who they say they are. Trevor Project staff and volunteers also proactively monitor discussions on TrevorSpace to make sure young people have a safe, supportive space where they can be themselves.

For LGBTQ youth who feel isolated in their communities, TrevorSpace is a way for youth to discover that they are not alone.  If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, remember that the Trevor Lifeline is available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386, is available 3-9 pm EST 7 days a week, or you can text the word “START” to 678678 Tues-Fri 3-9 pm EST (soon to be 7 days a week this summer!). To learn more about how The Trevor Project is creating a brighter future for LGBTQ youth, visit