Annual Report FY2013

The Trevor Project collects crucial information from our key programs to ensure we are meeting the needs of LGBTQ youth, and supporting them in the best ways possible. To learn more about the impact our programs had in FY13, scroll down or select the resource you’re most interested in to find out who Trevor reached in fiscal year 2013.

The youth we serve don’t always fit into categories, and many identify with multiple labels – or even none at all. Though some of the terms in our data may be unfamiliar to some, it is important that Trevor reflects the identities most commonly reported by the young people who contact us for support.

Trevor Lifeline

The Trevor Lifeline’s continues to grow, reaching over 1,500 more youth in the past fiscal year than in FY12. As long as young LGBTQ youth need someone to talk to, the Trevor Lifeline will be there.


TrevorChat started on July 30, 2010 to help young people in crisis who want to reach out for help over the internet. At its inception, TrevorChat was only able to connect with youth on Fridays. By July 28, 2013, we were able to reach these youth a full 7 days a week.

As TrevorChat grew, we started putting more and more support systems in place to support our volunteers and the youth they were helping. Now, our volunteers are never alone, thanks to a new initiative to ensure a trained staff person is available to support them whenever they’re chatting with youth in crisis.


In the last two months of fiscal year 2013 we collected preliminary data for TrevorText, the first text messaging support service specifically for LGBTQ youth in crisis. Interestingly, this program saw the largest amount of transgender visitors (20%) as compared to our other resources, as well as the largest number of questioning and lesbian visitors (22% and 39%).


In FY13 we had 64,783 members from 130 different countries that came together and found peer-to-peer support on our safe, monitored social media site. During the year, we re-vamped TrevorSpace  to better serve our youth, which included creating a wealth of new demographic categories that allowed members to better express their true selves.

Trevor Education

A huge component of preventing suicide is spreading education and awareness. This year, Trevor’s trainings, tools, and resources reached thousands of youth and adults across the country. The number of trainings we had last year made a huge impact; imagine what we can do in the future as we increase our workshops, trainings, and outreach events!

Ask Trevor

Ask Trevor continues to be a behind-the-scenes support system for LGBTQ youth, allies, and adults who have questions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trevor Advocacy

In FY2013, Trevor Advocacy launched to create a network of supporters who advocate for federal and state initiatives that enhance the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ young people.  In coordination with Trevor’s national and state partners and our presence in Washington, Trevor Advocacy supports policy change to address the factors that place LGBTQ youth at heightened risk for suicide.