Annual Report FY2013

In fiscal year 2013 our volunteers shone brighter than ever, helping us reach more LGBTQ young people than ever before. Without our incredible volunteers, the phone lines would go unanswered, the chats would be unread, and our education programs would be shelved. Through these passionate people, we are able to build connections with the young people who need us most.

Here are the stories of two incredible Trevor volunteers.

An Interview with Courtney

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am currently a student at Pepperdine University, working on my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. I moved to California about a year ago from Michigan to go to school and get away from the cold weather! In my free time, I love to watch television and film.

2. How did you find The Trevor Project?

I found out about The Trevor Project when I was a sophomore through an ad on the internet. I saw the lifesaving work they were doing and knew I had to get involved. Especially since I know firsthand how hard it can be to accept yourself and the fear of how loved ones might react. I wanted to provide the support and care I was so lucky to have had.

3. What is the most rewarding or enjoyable part of your work?

The most rewarding part of my work is knowing that the youth I am speaking to feel heard, validated, and worthy of love and care. Some of these youth feel so isolated from everyone around them. Talking with me hopefully shows them that they are not alone and they have people rooting for them to succeed.

4. How has volunteering with Trevor impacted your life?

Volunteering with this organization makes me feel as if I have a purpose. Helping youth that may have no one in their lives is not easy, but once the conversation ends and I know the youth are safe, I feel as if I have done something worthy and that is a beautiful feeling in itself.

A Spotlight on Robert

“I truly believe Robert Roberg is a unicorn – one of the rare things you never imagine you’ll meet, but deeply hope to find one day,” said Odalis Gonzalez, Crisis Services Manager in New York. As Robert’s manager, she has first-hand insight into the unique role he plays in Trevor’s crisis intervention programs.

“Robert has volunteered with Trevor since 2008, totaling over 1500 hours of connecting with LGBTQ youth who need help. On top of that, he has gone above and beyond to manage one of our Leader and Mentor programs for the past two training sessions, to make sure things are running smoothly.”

A passionate team player who is never afraid to take initiative, Robert has made a great impact on those around him and those he helps as a Trevor volunteer. While his role can be very difficult, there are many rewarding moments that stay with him.

Robert says, “I’m amazed at how helpful a phone call can be to a young person in crisis. Sometimes just being there for our callers who are struggling is all that’s required, and makes an enormous difference. At the very least, we always let them know the Lifeline is there for them anytime they need help.”

NextGen and Ambassador Groups

Trevor’s volunteer leadership groups – Trevor NextGen and the Trevor Ambassadors – are located in states across the country. Made up of community leaders and young professionals, these unique groups make a huge difference in Trevor’s outreach and fundraising efforts. In fiscal year 2013, we launched a Trevor Ambassador group in Utah, which faces disproportionately high suicide rates among its youth.

To learn more about our NextGen and Ambassador groups, please visit their social media pages or contact [email protected] with questions.

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Trevor NextGen New York

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