Annual Report FY2014

To ensure we’re meeting the needs of LGBTQ youth today, The Trevor Project collects crucial information from our key programs so that we can offer the strongest possible support. Scroll down to zoom in on The Trevor Project’s FY14 program data!

NOTE: In sexual orientation charts, “gay” includes youth of all genders. For example, someone may use the term “gay” instead of “lesbian.”


In FY14, we saw the largest recorded number of callers to the Trevor Lifeline. As we continue into the next year, we are dedicated to focusing on ways to ensure this cornerstone program is ready to support the growing number of youth who need our help.


This accredited chat program may be open for a fourth of the time compared to the Lifeline, but young people are reaching out for help over TrevorChat more than ever before. This growth illustrates the immense importance of this innovative program, and reminds us that in a tech-driven nation, The Trevor Project must be here to respond.

In fact, research shows that chat services will become increasingly popular as youth turn to digital communication for support – and if that’s where our young people will be, then that’s where Trevor will be.


Our pilot text program continues to offer support on Fridays, and we are planning for its future. We will continue to innovate, and follow where we’re needed!


In FY14, our digital team gathered feedback from TrevorSpace users that will allow us to strengthen this global resource even more! Thanks to this incredible research, we have developed a vision that will ensure TrevorSpace continues to be the best possible peer-to-peer support system for the youth we serve.


NOTE: Not all TrevorSpace members select a gender/genders or a sexual orientation.


The Trevor Project was able to reach thousands of youth and adults this year with our suicide prevention trainings and ally education! This life-affirming programming is not only useful, but it can be life-saving.