Annual Report FY2014

Dear Trevor Supporters,

Over the past year, we have seen many incredible changes. Marriage equality has reached many states, crucial protections are being enacted, and harmful practices are being banned. And yet, for the LGBTQ youth that The Trevor Project serves, life has been a different story.

Some live in areas that are untouched by these vital advancements. Others are too young to freely live as their true selves, or lack the resources they need to connect with LGBTQ peers who understand their struggle. Too many are faced with unsafe schools, dangerous home environments, and ultimately, a perception of a future that is not very bright at all.

Thankfully, so many of these youth know about us and reach out for support.

In fiscal year 2014, we saw a 20% increase in calls to the Trevor Lifeline. TrevorChat continues to see higher rates of demand, and TrevorSpace has become a home to more youth than we ever imagined. But for every young person who does contact us, we know that there are many more who still need our help.

The need for our services is growing, but thanks to our outstanding volunteers, staff, Board, donors, partners, and people like you, we are able to focus and respond. The hours of training, work, and energy that you all put into supporting LGBTQ youth is truly life-saving.

Together, we will continue saving young lives while building a future where all young people can be embraced, cherished, and applauded for who they are. Thank you for your support.