Annual Report FY2015

Our Development team strives to establish relationships with foundations, sponsors, and donors by creating unique fundraising events in which our Trevor supporters can connect and form community over LGBTQ issues they care about most, such as saving young lives. The Annual Spring Benefit is an intimate gathering for Trevor supporters often hosted at a donor’s home. Executive Director and CEO Abbe Land usually speaks about our goals for the new year, bringing folks together to raise awareness about The Trevor Project. Hosted twice a year in Los Angeles and New York, TrevorLIVE is an evening of irreverent comedy and music honoring folks who are helping pave the way for brighter LGBTQ futures. Each year, our TrevorLIVE celebrations feature impactful performances and speeches, bringing changemakers, celebrity activists, staff, volunteers, and donors together to celebrate all the hard work The Trevor Project does day in and day out.

Annual Spring Benefit Performer and Grammy-Nominated Singer: Andra Day

“I look at all of us as brothers and sisters and a body working together…when one part is struggling, I’m going to help and lift you up. I will rise up with you.”

Trevor Hero Honoree, Actor, and LGBTQ Rights Activist: Sir Ian McKellen

“There are dark corners where it’s not easy to be yourself…The Trevor Project is doing things that the government should be doing, that schools should be doing, that society as a whole should be doing.”

Trevor Youth Innovator Honoree, Former Member, and Maine’s House Representative: Ryan Fecteau

“ was a resource that helped me find people with similar experiences and compassionate ears…people just like me. I made my first gay friend on TrevorSpace and we’re still friends today.”

Tyler Oakley Raises Support for The Trevor Project

“Knowing that my videos couldn’t possibly reach everyone who could ever need a distraction from their issues, I turned to supporting The Trevor Project—so that if people didn’t have something like YouTube to help them cope, they would at least have a resource that could be there 24/7, to help them deal with crisis confidentially and safely.”

For several years, Trevor supporter and YouTuber Tyler Oakley cohosted TrevorLIVE red carpet events and fundraised for The Trevor Project on his birthday. In 2015, he raised support and awareness with the help of his YouTube fans and Prizeo, enabling us to provide crisis counseling for up to 20,000 youth.

Donor: Dane with The Ed Cauduro Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

“…We make an annual gift to Trevor because its services are building a safer, more inclusive world.”

When he came out as a gay man at age 22, Dane’s lack of parental support inspired him to become an advocate for LGBTQ youth. Although his mother’s disparaging disapproval put him in a dark place, it ultimately led him to dedicate philanthropic efforts towards creating brighter LGBTQ futures. Now, as a donor of the LGBTQ resource space, The Q Center, Dane also takes pride in the numerous LGBTQ causes his charitable trust supports, including transgender healthcare, an art college scholarship program, transitional-aged youth mentorships, and a homeless youth drop-in shelter.

Through The Ed Cauduro Fund, which Dane advises at The Oregon Community Foundation, he now helps ensure that The Trevor Project receives an annual gift that provides crisis support for up to 1,000 LGBTQ youth. “I’m heartened to see that so many youth, including my 13-year-old great nephew, have supportive networks of families, teachers, and peers, but I give to Trevor because not everyone is as lucky. By supporting The Trevor Project, we are letting young people who are struggling know that there is someone here for them. We are empowering a whole generation to hold their heads up and say ‘I matter,’” Dane reflects.

Donors: Raul and Luis

“TrevorChat and TrevorText strike a personal chord with us. We are a gay couple raising two children, now young adults, and one is LGBT. We have seen the risks facing LGBTQ youth first-hand and know how important additional support can be…especially when it is available by text message or on their mobile devices.”

While working in Chicago at the healthcare company Baxter, Raul served as a leader of the business resource group, Baxter Equality Network. There, he collaborated with colleague and Trevor volunteer Renee to secure a generous grant through the Baxter International Foundation, with goals of expanding TrevorChat and TrevorText. Having recently moved to Boston, Raul and husband Luis are now looking for ways to help raise awareness about Trevor’s lifesaving work in their new city. “The Trevor Project’s digital resources offer youth a chance to pause, reflect, and put their lives into perspective—no matter where they are. We decided to become donors so that Trevor could keep expanding these digital programs,” the couple says.

Donor: Sue

“I have increased my gift over time because I think LGBTQ youth are a critical part of this nation’s future…”

Seeing LGBTQ friends in the military still too scared to live their lives authentically, attorney and former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Sue decided to become a donor to The Trevor Project. Involved in LGBTQ advocacy issues through the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, her most recent goal is to bring crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to youth and schools across the U.S.

Through volunteering and donating to The Trevor Project, Sue has since supported the expansion of the Trevor Lifeline and TrevorChat. “The Trevor Project staff and volunteers are uniquely trained and qualified to deal with the feelings of rejection and exclusion that LGBTQ youth experience,” she says.


We thank our donors, staff, volunteers, and board members. Without you, we could not do the lifesaving work we do.

Impact Circle

Impact Circle is Trevor’s leading annual fund membership program. Together, members provide critical funding for nearly 1/3 of our suicide intervention services. Impact Circle members pledge annual gifts of $1,200 ($100/month) or greater.

* Has been an Impact Circle Member for five years or more.
** Has been or is a current member of the Board of Directors.


Mark Little & Robert D. Quayle


Maxine & Philip Armstrong**
Gregory Evans*
Ian Fette*
Jon Murray & Harvey Reese*
Ed Cauduro Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation as directed by Dane Nelson*
Kevin Potter
Daniel Radcliffe*
Richie Jackson & Jordan Roth
Sir Ivan and the Peaceman Foundation*
Barbara & Steve Young*


George Bednar & Chip Wheeler*
Alex Carr & Elvis Duran*
Edward Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Kevin Gerrity
Robert Greenblatt*
Julie Harris & Amy Yoakum*
Jeff & Johanna Hohle
Noah & Pamela Hornik
Patricia Heaton-Hunt & David B. Hunt
David H. Jacobs*
Abbe Land*
Amit Paley**
Frank Pond*
Josh Ritter
Corey Robins & Ryan Vauk
Andrew Staehelin
Tom Newman & Ricky Strauss*
David Suk*
Robin & Liselotte Vince


Lance Bass
Andy & Caroline Bird**
David Buchan
Hardy W. Chan
Jason Cole & David Ruisch*
Jeremy Coleman & Trent Hurst*
Brian & Kevin Cordova-Brookey*
Matthew Davis
Donald J. Duet
J. Scott Evans
Jennifer Frank & Scott Frank*
Darin Bahl & Gopal Grandhige
Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman
Steven L. Holley*
Ericka Leslie
Thomas Huntington
Brian Irving**
Michael English & Blanding U. Jones *
George Larribas*
Chris Kilzer & Brittany Larson*
Kevin Baumlin & Patrick Mahanger*
Ramon Perez-Egana Monge*
Gavin & Marybeth O’Connor
Barry Pollard*
Mark Puskarich & JT Tonnison*
Steven Rank
Don J. Jerabek & Butler Rondeno
Rubenstein & Skavish Family
Clive & Nancy Runnells
Jeffrey Simpson*
Al Sommerville
Jeff Whaley*
Brian Winterfeldt**
Thomas S. Wood & James A. Woodruff
Steve Yeager*


Scott William Adams & Michael Lentz
Dennis Adamson & Ben Boyd** *
Chris C. Allieri** *
Florence Azria
Anne Bresler*
Gary Burt
Reuben Carranza & Jim Hoffbauer*
David Azulay & Andre Caraco**
Tom Cashin & Jay Johnson*
Allen Choi & Noel Cilker
Robert Cohen & Tim Robinson
Ryan Cotton & Erik Ramanathan
Carter Covington & Patrick Smith
Alan Croteau & Darek DeFreece
Tex Cummings
Gary A. Dakin
James A. Decker
Linda Denovan
Al Duncan**
Frederick Felman
Donald Feltham & Richard Stieglitz
Bob Fisher & Chuck Ranberg*
Michael Foley
Jean-Marc Frailong & Richard C. Halton
Carson Gaspar*
Bruce T. Griffin*
Nathan Hair
David Hall
Lee Harrison
Gordon Hawthorne*
Glenn Hirshon
Robyn M. King & Julie Van Dyne*
Bryan Konietzko
Jeffrey A. Kramer*
Kyle D. Kusche*
Laurence Leive*
David Levithan
Matthew Lotito*
Stephen T. Middlebrook
Peter Mocsary
Randall Rayon & Michael Norton** *
Susan Otto*
Mandi Paszek
Matthew Roux
Brian Selznick & David Serlin*
Tim Silver-Bonito & Scott Silver-Bonito
Frank Silverio*
Debra & Bruce Spector
Lindsay Stone
Darius & Michael Upshaw*
Jason Watters*
Kevin Williamson
Michael Wolf


Bert Aerts
Timothy Aldrete*
Patrick D. Aldrich & Christopher Ritchey
Bruce Allister & Beulah Pelley
Jirka Ambroz*
Ian & Jack Archer-Watters
James Arnone
Roxanne Austin
Joe Badera
Jason Ball & Troy Jones
Barbara Baratta
Robert Barringer
Kingsley Bellows & Sharon Bellows
Roni Berg & Peter Knitzer
Mark Bergamini & Chris Oates
Ronald Berry
Terry Bickham
Susan Borschel
Bruce Bolton & Vincent McCormick*
Thomas C. Bradford & Van Hardison*
Andrew Brady & Ben Fishel
Henry Briffel
Bruce Brown
R. Jeep Bryant
Toddy Buchanan
Michael Burak*
James Busby
Lem Byers & Derek Kuhl
Blake Byrne
C. Scott Campbell
David Carlberg
Carolyn C. Carnes & David C. Carnes
William Casti
Penny & Bruce Castleman
Peter M. Chang
Kelly Cochran
John Cucci
Charles Conn & Donald Grimm*
Nicholas S. Constantakis & Ernaldo Cruz-Gomez*
David Crawford & Rick Klapak
Vaughan Davies & Barry C. Wiener
Timothy P. Davis
Nicholas Dehnert*
Michael Dively
Dane Dowell
Brad R. Downs
Michael Dunn & Zach Haehn
Michael P. Dwulit
John Ealy*
Will Edwards*
Michael H. Epstein & Scott Schwimer
Dr. Frederick & Jane Farrar
Keiko & Rob Feldman
Donald Feltham
Philip Finnegan
Jeffrey Fishberger, MD** *
Scott Flanary
Joel Flatow*
Brian Fox*
Shelley Freeman & Joni Rim
Bill Frew
Stephen Friedfeld & Travis Jackson
Ralph Furlo*
Bryce W. Furness*
Alex Gitsis
Grace Gittinger
Robert Hacker
Luke Halinski
Jason Hammack
Jon Hartmere
Robert Hayden III*
Allan Heinberg*
Chad Hessoun
Robert C. Hickman*
Thomas Hobson
Ken Hom
Jim Hooker
Joshua Hudson
Mike Humphrey & Tim Sullivan*
Matthew Jozwiak*
Brent Kawahara
Jason Kelliher & Brian Rice*
Bruce King*
Patricia Kirsch*
Alex Knight*
Michael Kuroiwa
George Labella*
Helen Ann Lally
Daniel Lam & Harley Neuman*
Julianne LaMarche
Brian Langdon*
Amichai Lau-Lavie
Rick H. Lee*
Eric Lee
Bret Lehnof & Timothy Weinheimer
Barbara Leigh
Robert Lekstrom & Jessie Pondo*
Matt Lilek
Cynthia Livingston
Krisha Loftus
Morgan Lougee
Craig MacKenzie
Steven J. Markov & Jeff Meleski*
Allen Marks & Bradley Sterrenberg
Derek McCarty
Kip McClure
Robyn McCormick
Jason McDonough
Ian McLoughlin
Michaela Mendelsohn & Carmel France
Mathias Meyer
Gary Minzer
Scott Mitchell & Edward Neppl*
Joseph Nicosia
Anil Mohin & John Scholz*
Mark Moreno & Christopher Smith
Virginia “Gina” Munoz**
Richard Munsey
Vaughn A. Murray*
Derek Naten
Jonathan Nichols
Christine North*
Barth Norton*
Caroline Noseworthy
Jarrad Nunes
Mary Obasi
Eugene O’Brien
Jamie & Jason Pedroza*
Seth Persily
William R. Phillips
Christopher Powell
Nathaniel Price
Andrea Prochniak
Daphne A. Purpus
Ernest Pusateri
Ruben Ramirez** *
Robert Rhodehamel & Dana Snyder*
Kent Rice
Scott Rising & Jonathan Spring
Dianne Robinson*
Suzanne Rotondo
RJ Rousso*
Matt Rudary
Demaree Sarnowski
Alan J. Savada & Lila Savada*
Jeff Sebak*
Edmund Settle
Bonnie Sheren*
Dennis Shine
Zane Mumford & Kieran Smiley
Alexis Smith
Steven C. Smith*
Chad Smude
Michael Stapleton
Scott Stewart
Jeff Stone*
Damon Suden*
Todd Sulger
Indraneel Sur
Erika Tachet
George Tallichet & Marisue Tallichet*
Tony Taricco
Ryan Tarpley
Ken Thaxton
William Tims
Russell Todd
Mark Tria
Greg Utterback
Tom Viola
Alexa Von Essen
Rae Votta*
Karin Wachowski & L J Wachowski
Diane Wade*
James Richardson & Jeff Watson
Justin Wee
Debra Appel Weinreich & Gadi Weinreich*
Frederick Wertheim*
Daniel Westbrook
Charlie E. Wong
Jane Wu*
W. Ray Wuensche*
Takuya Yoshimoto
Jerry Zamora
Alfredo Izaguirre & Mike McGinley, & Don Zuidema

Friends of Trevor

Friends of Trevor is our longstanding sustainer program. Friends of Trevor members help demonstrate the importance of a vibrant support network by making monthly pledges of any size that works for them. Friends of Trevor members with total annual giving between $500-$1,199 are shown below.

Barbara Abis*
Lynn R. Abraham & Seth Abraham
Daniel Adams
Paul Adler & David Mortimer*
Steven Afriat & Curtis Sanchez
Lauren Aguiar
John Alchin & Hal Marryatt*
Gary M. Alembik & Stephen Graves
Stephen Alexander
Nabil Ali & Jeff Volkman
Matthew Alland
Lee Alman
Robert Anderson
Scott Archimbaud & Patrick Douglas
Willis Arndt
Brooks Ashmanskas
Robert Aspel*
Jonathon Aubry
Stace Baal
Michael Baldwin
Joseph Baran*
Matthew Bardin
Crystal Barnes
Chris Barrett
John Barrowman
Matthew Bassignani*
George Bay
Cory Bean
Neil E. Beecher & Vern Richards
Angel Belgard*
Sarah Belin-Zerbib
Ari Benbasat
Drs. Martha Bernadett & Faustino Bernadett
Robert Betz
Bonnie S. Bills
Bowen Billups*
Benjamin Biordi
David Birdsall
Tony Birkley
Joshua & Cynthia Bloch*
Scott Bloom
Robert Boarman & Joshua N. Kindrat
Dave Bock
Gary Bonner
Thomas J. Bonsaint
Gary Booher
Pierre Bourdon
James Bowden
Melissa Bower*
Scott Braun
Carolyn Billinghurst & Carol Bresler
Renee Broadwell
John Brookey
David Brown
Robert Brown
Matthew M. Brown & James Gehering*
Cassie Bruner
Shauna Bryce*
Todd Buchner*
Sheryl Bucholtz
Bob Buckenmayer & Maggie Y. Buckenmayer
K.C. Bugg
Clinton Bunch
Tom Burke & Steve Rostine*
Dane Burkhardt-Kettwich & John Burkhardt-Kettwich
Andrew I. Burness
Paul Burnett
Todd Burton
Joe Bushong
Conor Byrne
Janet Byrne Smith
Tim & Catherine Cadogan*
Thomas Cahill
Walter Cain & Paulo Ribeiro*
Richard Cain
Tiffany Calig & Zach Calig
Jeffrey J. Capanna
Michael Carenzo
Jeffrey Carneal
Lisa Carteen
Lisa Cartwright
David Castleman*
Benjamin Cave & Anna Cave
Chris Champoux
Jimmy Chan
Jack K. Chan
Ling Chan
Rahul Chandhok
Kuo Chao
Daniel Chappel
Linda Chin
Layne R. Chinen
Irene Chou*
Paul Christensen
Pam Clifford
Sean P. Cocchia
Josh Cogswell
Joshua Cohen*
John Cole & Monte Overstreet
Carl Coleman
Carol L. Cone
Jose Contreras & Jeffrey Gowing
Ron Coonelly
Richard Corner
Heidi Cortese
Paul Courtney
Laura Covington
Bill Coyne
John A. Craig
Jessica Crain
David C. Crane
James Crawford
Jennifer Creegan*
Darren Criss
Alex Crohn*
Bryan Croyle
Matthew Cubbage
Ludovic Bertaut & Louis Cuck
Claudia Cummings
Jeffrey B. Curbo
Peter Dangerfield*
David Danley
Jeff Davis
Ted & Jeri Lyn Davis
Steven De Lozier
A.J. Desjardins & Matthew Christian Reinhart
Kerry Dietz*
Mike Dillon
Burt Dirkse & Brian Newman
Daniel Dodgen*
Anthony Dolce
Paul Dominguez
Jerry Delgado & Christopher Donnelly
Michael Donscheski*
Lee L. Doud*
Joseph Dougherty
Brian Dorsey** *
Timothy Dowd
Robert Dowell & Kevin Rainey
Ian Dunn
Nadine M. Dyer
Gregory Economos
Renee Edelman
Daniel Edwards*
Aidan Egan
Steven Eldredge
Brenley Elias
Nadine Ellerthorpe
Max Ember
Leann Emmert
James D. Epstein & Thomas A. Hess
Robert A. Ermanski*
Michael Ertel
Michael Escue
Rebecca & Jim Espinosa
Paul Cassidy & Vernon Evenson
Paul Evmorfiadis & Teddy Stewart
Mathieu Agee & Bret Farris
Michael Faulkner
Mary Jane Favazza*
Douglas Fearing & Rebecca Fearing
Darren Felfeli
Susan Ferriere
Brian Borne & Richard Field
David Finke
Steven Fishberger
Suzanne Fisher
Reid Fishler & Terence Floen
Phillip Flavin*
Cristina Flores
David Flugman
Walter Foery & Ransom Wilson*
Michael J. Ford
Bradley Fordham
Ash Forsyth
Lynnette Frank
Rick Frazier & Paul Sessa*
Kevin Frei
Gregory Freiberg
Paul Fulkerson*
Robert W. Funk*
Suzanne Gabbay & Ben Quiseng
Carol Gaines & Don Gaines
Julia Gaines
James Galla
John P. Gallagher
Robert Galluzzo
Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Marla Garlin
Ryan Gehman
Jennifer Gerard
Celina Gerbic*
Peter Gerbic*
Jeffrey Gibbs
Gayle Gibson
Mike Gleason & David Kettle
Mark Gordon
Willard B. Gorodner
Mary & Jeff Gorski*
Christopher Grable
Adrian Sexton & Bonnie Graves** *
Robert A. Greene & Susan E. Presberg – Greene
Brunson Green*
Gerald & Darrell Greene
Marc Greenfield
Paul Grossinger
Maria Gust*
Patrick Gutierrez
Khaled Habayeb
Adam Hackel
Maurice Hage-Obeid
Joseph L. Halbach*
Robert Hale
Adam Hallman
Robert Hamm
Christopher Handler*
Robert Hansmann
James Harder
Jeffrey Hare
Val & Bert Harrop
Jason Harrow
Sawyer J. Hartman
Garrett Hayashida*
Tiyale Hayes
Evelyn Heinbach
Eileen Heinrich
Stewart Hendler
Andy Hendricks*
Michael Henry
Leslie Herndon
Alex Herrera & Geoffrey Wellen
Rodney A. Hill*
Michael Hill
D.R. Hilson
Michael Hines, Jr.
Virginia & Michael Hines, Sr.
James Hinrichs
Andres Hirschfeld
Kyaw Hla
Barry Hoffman & Chris Larson
Cynthia Hogan
Justin Holzwarth
John Hopkins
William A. Houlette
Chad Hudson
Terry Hueneke & Michael Ross
Thomas Iacovantuono
Ricky Jackson
Peter Jackson
Curt Janka
Marc Janoff
Melissa Jantzen & Rick Jantzen*
Michael Jarvis*
Christi Hogan & Michael Jenkins
Douglas & Kyle Johnson
Carrie Johnson & Jim Rothrock
Casey Johnson & Joe Moreno
Christian Johnson
Susan Johnson
Peter Johnson
Matthew Jones
James A. Jones
Kellie Jones
Sharon Judenberg
Michelle Paradise & Meredith Kadlec** *
Keith Kalet
Bob Goodman & Mark Katz*
William D. Kaufman
Christopher Keane
Brendan Kelly
Paul B. Kemble*
Heidi Kent
Cynthia Kern
Evan King
Michael Kinnaman & Todd Montgomery
Chuck Kirby
Kent Kirkpatrick
Rabbi Jason Klein
Benjamin Klute
Robert Kneeshaw
Andrew Koch
Zachary Koffler
Nancy Kohlreiter
Ajit J. Kokkat
Edward Kolla
David Kornreich
Felice Koscinski
Eric Kranzler
Ida Kristensen
Thomas Kula*
The Kutler Family Foundation
Bill Kux
Scott Kyle
Paul La Cour
Cindy G. Labuda
Dennis Lamont
Robert Lando
John Despo & Robert Langley
Tim Lanning
Leila Larijani
Erin Law & Christine Reindl
Shira Lazar
Justin Leach
Brad Learmonth & Jon Gilman
Jonathan Lee
Justin Lee & Jessica MacDonald
Nancy Lee & Marie Wilson*
Greg Lee
Michael V. Lee
Julius & Kyle Leiman-Carbia/Smith
Jay Lesiger & Tom Klebba
Sam S. Leslie
Max Levheim
Lawrence Levine
James Levitt
Mason Lewis
Eli Lieb
Kara Liebowitz
Keith Lim
Nicklaus Liow
Elaine Lippmann
Benjamin Lipton
Paul Litchfield
Rebecca Liu
Randy Loewenstein
Emily Logan
Shyrl L. Lorino*
Alyssa Lovell
John Luce & Doug Luce
Michael Foley & Christopher Lukacs
Mel Castro & Scott Lyne
Chase Maggiano
Shoreen Maghame
Chris D. Man & Adam T. Marquez*
Sarah Mann
Jennifer Manocherian
Paul Marchetti
Richard J. Markel
Zachary Markovits
Lucas Marple
Jose L. Marrero
James Marsden
James Martin
Michael Martin & Michael Martin
Richard Vance Martin
James Martinez
Ricardo Martinez
Brian J. Martinsen*
Karen A. Martner
Mark Masliah
Melissa Mason*
Stanley Maszczak
Carissa & Mike McConnell
Steve McCuen
Robert W. McCullough
Jack McCurley
Neil & Amelia McDaniel
Chalise McDonald
Bonnie McGuire
Robert McKague
Ken D. McLean*
Wade McNair
William Melendez
Artur Melentin
Steven P. Mello
Steve Mendelsohn & Wallie Pagunsan
Dionne Merlino
Paul Merrell*
David Merrill
Emily Metcalfe
Jeremy Mickel & Joe Waechter
Ronald Miller
Cameron Miller
Susan Miller
Nelson Minar
Daniel Mitchell
Brad Duerre & Brad Miyasato*
Ronald Monroe*
Joseph Montella*
Christopher Moore
Edward Moreau
Eric Moreno
Joseph Murray
Keith Myers
Lisa Brooks & Solmaz Nabipour
Phu Ngo
Dawn Nidy
Ronald Nigro
Christopher Nobels
Christina Elke & Timothy J. Noonan
Erik Noren
Robert Norris*
Craig Notte
Tim Nuter
Marc Nutt
Carl Obeck
Thomas E. O’Brien
Gaynon & Linda Oclaray*
Jane O’Connor*
Robert O’Connor
Matthew Olson & Teresa Olson
Myke Olson
Hal Osborn
Derek Owens
John Padwater
Ryan Corvaia & Maulik Pancholy*
Emmanuel Papoutsakis
Lois Passi
Richard & Ellen Passov*
Mehool Patel
Pinki Patel
Pat Patterson
Jamie Paul*
David Paul & Davin Wedel
David Pennington*
Alma V. Perez
Mark Perin*
Amy Peters
Timothy Petracca
Walter Harris & Jeanne Phillips
Anthony Phipps*
Richard Cresswell & James Pierce*
Heather Pierce
Ellen & John Pillsbury
Kristina M. Pisanelli*
Tonya L. Pittman
Diana B. Pokorny
Frank Frattaroli & Chris Pomeroy
Bert Poole
Jeffrey Poulos*
Fletcher S. Pratt
Rowe Guevarra & Daniel Preiss
Michael Pringle
Len Pysh
Peggy Rajski** *
Dena R. Ramey
Aaron Ramsey
Kip Rathke & Philip Rathke
Risa Ravitz
David Reaves
Joseph Redinger*
Andrew Halladay & Thomas Reichert
Peter Reimann*
Tal Bendor & Nathan Bendor
Jose Resendiz
Stephen Resnick*
Troy Revord
Lupita Reyes
James Reyna
David B. Rhodes
Erma & William Richter
Cathy & Gerard Rifenburg
Libbie Rifkin
Gregory Riggs
Brian Riley
Lisa Ripley*
Janet Ritchey & Tim Ritchey
Russell V. Roberts
William Roberts
Janet Robin
William Rodgers
Jon Rollo
Lynne Rosenberg*
Jonathan Rucks & John Peters
Stephen Rupp
Jeff Rush & Heather Rush
Sandra Russell
John Ryan
William D. Ryan & Marc Zimmerman
Robert Chavez & Vincent J. Sabio
Valerie Salinas-Davis
Brian Salzman*
Gumercindo Samson*
Brian A. Sandoval
Devra Lieb & Arlene Sanford*
Vahan Saroians*
The Saver Family*
Cortney Scheeser
Jason Schlachet*
Michael Schlerf
Gene Schmidgall*
Hope Schneider
Jay Schoenfeldt
Fred Schoenhut
Joshua G. Schulman
Erik Schutz
Jerry Schwartz
Mark J. Scott
Deborah Seaver & George Seaver
Nathan Seaward
Tim Seltzer
Stuart Serlin
Colin Shanks
Scott Shapiro
Mike Shaver
Sheetal Sheth
Emily Shevnock
Erwin Shilling
Jeffrey Shopoff
Ellen V. Sigal & Gerald R. Sigal
Douglas Portman & Vince Silenzio
Daniel Silver
Jeffrey Silverman
Michael Glasser & Matt Simeon
T. Lawrence Simon
Edward Simon
Stacie Simpkins
Stephen Simpson
Chad Corning & Chad Simpson*
Craig Sinel
Heidi Sjoberg
Edward A. Skidmore
Richard Skolnik*
Howard Skolnik
Charles Smith*
Courtney Smith
David Smith
Stacy Smithers
Duane Snodgrass
Brittany Snow
Wayne P. Sobon
Mitchell Singer & David Sobottka
Michael Sokol
Donald Southworth
Audrey Spina
Linda Spooner, JD, MD**
Michael Sprague*
Matthew St. George & Roy Williams
Shaun L. Staheli
Ron Dostal & Colin Stayton
Donald Steckler
Glenn Stephens
Roman Storzer
Carolyn Strauss
Michael Strich
Colin Sterling & Anya Strzemien
David J. Stuit
Lee and Keith Styles
Stephen Sulecki*
Rich Sullivan*
Thomas Swan
Dave Swanke
John Sykes*
Jeff Brown & Anthony Tan*
Richard Tarplin
Terence Tay
Barry & Jan Teter*
Paul Tetreault
Shane Teush
Sara Thacker
Tere Throenle-Somaini & Heather Somaini*
Christine Tiballi
Jon Tilli
Henry Tirado*
Peter Meyer & Luis Tollinche*
Paul Trefzger
Steven Ginsberg & Stephen Tropiano
Timothy Trotter*
Michael Tsiang*
Cheryl Tucker
Adam Turnbull
Teri Valentine
Ashley Vallier
Greg Vargas
Victor Vecchiariello
Andrew Vesper
Steven Vest
David Vickrey
Paul Vitale
L. Carl Volpe
William von Achen
Obie Scott Wade
Jeffrey Dreiblatt & William Walker
Jo-Anne Wallace
Timothy Walsh*
Barry Walter
Michael Ward
Andrew Ward
Whitney B. Weber
Herbert & Suzy Weinman
Shami Arslanian & Steve Weisbart
Jacqueline Weiss
Tom Welch
Philip Wells
Larry Groah & Kevin Wells
Jack Wettling
Kevin White
Ian Whiteside
Mary & Tom Whitman*
Ryan Carson & Nico Wijnberg
Jay Wiley*
Paul R. Wilkins
Shawn Wilsher
Janine Wilson
Dan Winship*
John Withrow
David Wlodarczyk
Jason K. Morrell & Jeffrey Paul Wolff** *
Harold Wolpert
Kyle Wong
Jamie Woodard
Jason Woodruff
Erica Worthington
Peter Yacobellis
Laurie Young
Joel Zack
Richard Defeo & Robert Zakem
Gregory Zarian
Lawrence S. Zarian
Susan Zawel

Corporate and Foundation Donors


Baxter International
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Katten, Muchin, Rosenman, LLP
Wells Fargo


The Alicia Keys Family Foundation
Annenberg Foundation
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)
Chambers Family Foundation
Goldman, Sachs & Company
Johnson & Johnson
Proximo Spirits
Toyota Financial
Toyota Motor Sales
The Walt Disney Company Foundation


Abercrombie & Fitch Management
Ahmanson Foundation
Annie E. Casey Foundation
AMC Cares Charitable Fund
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation
Ernst & Young
H. van Amerigen Foundation
Small Change Foundation
The Wasily Family Foundation


Bank of America
Deutsche Bank
The Helene Foundation
The Keith Haring Foundation, Inc.
Melcher Charitable Foundation
Ronald S. Haft Foundation
Variety Foundation Inc.


Collingwood Foundation
Conde Nast
Dart Group Foundation
Direct TV Inc
The Gas Company
Golden Rule Family Foundation
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
K. J. Mossier Foundation
Kognito Solutions LLC
Nicholas & Dorothy Cummings Foundation
Oprah Winfrey Network, LLC
The Stephen Colbert Americone Dream Foundation
Southern California Edison
State Farm Insurance
Tides Foundation
Vladimir & Araxia Buckhantz Foundation
Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc


AHS Foundation
AIDS Community Foundation
Alpern Family Foundation
Capital Group of Companies
Cultures of Resistance Network
Danford Foundation
The David Geffen Foundation
Disney & ABC, Inc.
Diving for Live, Inc.
The Drake Bettner Foundation
Fox Entertainment Group
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund
GPK Foundation
Human Rights Campaign
The James J. McInerney & Gary R Foundation
Lionsgate Entertainment Company
Los Angeles Dodgers
The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Redducs Foundation
The San Diego Foundation
Sean C. McLarry Foundation
Sendroff & Baruch, LLP
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Southern California Gas
Splendid Communications
Travelers Championship
Westside Theatre Downstairs

Legacy and Planned Gifts

We are proud to acknowledge the following members and supporters who have included The Trevor Project as a beneficiary in their wills, trusts, and future estate plans. Legacy and planned gifts play an integral role in allowing Trevor to grow and help build the future LGBTQ youth deserve.

J. Bradley Beers and Christopher J. Robinson
John Christofferson
Gregory Pierre Cox
R. P. Cutino
Brad L. Daily and J. David Richardson
Robert W. Davidson
Timothy P. Davis
Bill Gorodner in Memory of Lloyd W. Alton
James Gossum
James Harder
Bill Head
Sheila Healy
Lawrence S. Jacobs, Esq. and Steven R. Snapp
Gil Kaan
John P. Kefferstan
Steven King
David F. Lee III
Michael Love Peace
Rick and David McGilton-McGlamery
Brian McNally
Robert M. Neubauer Living Trust
Arlene Reed Bequest Tithe on behalf of Hollywood Lutheran Church
Charles Robbins
Eleanor J. Ross Trust
Aleida Estela Santiago
Jeffrey Schiffman
Jeff Sebak & Geoff Falk
Israel D. Sheinbein
Robert T. Switala and William I. Edgin
Brad St. Ores
Valarie K. Westberg
Jeff Whaley
The Estate of Jimmie Wilson
Michael Wolf

With Our Heartfelt Thanks

By fundraising on Trevor’s behalf, the supporters below raised over $600,000 to help build a brighter future for LGBTQ youth. Visit to learn how you can also celebrate our youth for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just because. The supporters on this list typically hosted events or campaigns which raised $5,000-$25,000 or greater.

Dr. Jon Derek Croteau & Justin P. Croteau
James Fesalbon
Ryan Fisher
Bill Gordean
Sarah Iooss
Bill Konigsberg
Steve & Jhamal Rapaport
James Lecesne** *
Tyler Oakley**
Pride & Joy Campaign
Edward Svehlik
Tim Webb & Rory Zimny

If you are interested in making an annual or legacy gift, or if you have corrections or questions about the lists above, contact Jason Daniel Fair, Sr. Major Gifts Officer at (212) 695.8650 x.331 or [email protected] Please pardon errors or omissions. We will respond to any requested adjustments within 24 business hours.

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