Dear Trevor Supporters,

Looking over the 12 months of Fiscal Year 2016 we are encouraged and proud of the continued impact that The Trevor Project has had on LGBTQ youth.  Over the past several years our programs have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. Whether it be through our crisis intervention programs (Trevor LifeLine, TrevorChat, TrevorText) or our prevention programs (TrevorSpace, Education and Advocacy), we hear from young LGBTQ people every day who tell us that we have truly saved their lives and given them a reason to live.

During Fiscal Year 2016 we accomplished a lot, including an expansion of our digital programs, the start of an upgrade to TrevorSpace, the implementation of our first research partnership with the University of Southern California, and improvements to our overall infrastructure.

But we know that shortly after the end of the Fiscal Year things changed dramatically.  With the election of 2016 we started to see the erosion of some of the progress made for LGBTQ rights over the previous years.  We heard from LGBTQ youth that they were feeling less secure about their future, and that they were worried that their situations would become worse - when in the past things had been looking up.

But we also know that The Trevor Project has been there for all LGBTQ youth, and will continue to be there where and when they need us.  We are grateful to our dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters, who have helped sustain through good time and through hard times.  Thanks to all of you The Trevor Project will remain strong in its quest to save young lives.  No matter what happens today or tomorrow, The Trevor Project continues to fight to protect young lives.

With gratitude,

Michael Norton
Co-Chair of the Board of Directors

Stacy Smithers
Co-Chair of the Board of Directors