To foster leadership development among our volunteers, we created unique programs to encourage lasting engagement with The Trevor Project. Outreach volunteers inform the public about our lifesaving work for LGBTQ youth.


Every year, Ambassadors bring their cities together to show support of LGBTQ youth through various events. In San Francisco, with the help of Trevor sponsor Safeway, over 200 supporters gathered for an evening Holiday Skate. With the help of sponsor Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, San Francisco Ambassadors hosted over 200 supporters at their annual fundraiser. Additionally, raising more money than ever before, Washington, D.C. Ambassadors held their immensely successful Night Out for Trevor. The Ambassadors will continue to innovate ways to connect with our integral supporters.


Seeing our community come together to support Trevor each year in New York is always inspiring. NextGen New York hosted supporters at Fall Fete and Spring Fling—while conducting additional forms of eclectic Outreach to support our lifesaving mission.

NextGen NY's Leadership Chairs:

Co-Chairs - L.T. O'Brien and Matt Falber

Communications Chair - Adam Turnbull

Events Chair - Caitlin McLaughlin

Membership Chair - Patrick Muraco

Marketing Chair - Braden Bradley

Programming Chair - Tom Masters

Development Chair - Brain Lee

Finance Chair - Sean O'Shea

Outreach & Advocacy Chair - Nicholas Tamborra

Ambassador and NextGen LA Groups' Chairs/Co-Chairs:​

Atlanta - Zak Koffler and Jamie Woodard (recently deceased)

Chicago - Patrick Kubik and James Paul Luna

Salt Lake City - Timothy Webb

San Diego - Joshua Coyne and Amanda Machan

San Francisco - Ezequiel Calderon Jr.

Washington, DC - Eric Call and Nick Seaver

NextGen LA - Grant Sloss and Michael Sullivan