The Trevor Project is dedicated to innovating our services so that we can continue to support the growing number of youth who need our help through calls, chats, texts, and our online community.

200,000+ Youth impacted through TrevorLifeline, TrevorText, TrevorChat,, Education, and Social Media

platform51,000+Calls, Chats & Texts84%TrevorLifeline15%TrevorChat1%TrevorText
location West: 28.2% Mid-West: 15.5% South: 35.4% Northeast: 19.4%Unspecified: 1.5%Percentage of Crisis Contacts by Region

TrevorChat & TrevorText

Young people are reaching out for help over TrevorChat and TrevorText more than ever before. This growth illustrates the importance of these innovative digital communication programs, and reminds us that in a tech-driven nation, The Trevor Project must make sure that we are able to answer youth in need in any way they reach out to us. In response to this increase in demand we doubled our availability for Trevor Chat/Text this year.

Genders of Contacts to TrevorChat & TrevorText

gender*Some trans youth may be included amongst those who identify as male or female40.4%37.1%9.26%6.79%4.00%2.43%FemaleMaleTransgender*QuestioningGenderqueerOther

Sexualities of Contacts to TrevorChat & TrevorText

sexuality28.4%Gay14.9%Lesbian15.0%Bisexual14.4%Questioning10.0%Straight17.4%Other (Pan, A, Queer)


As a confidential online peer-to-peer support system, has served over 142,800 LGBTQ youth as a safe online space since inception. Over the past year we began a long-term effort to rebuild the platform based on user feedback.

Lifeguard Training

Lifeguard Training went all digital on Valentine's Day this February and was introduced at HRCs Time to Thrive conference. Between February and July the training was presented 126 times to over 4,200 youth who were educated in suicide awareness and prevention.

During this time, we also partnered with Forresters Financial to create posters with information about our services for schools.

Trevor Project Poster

1,419 posters were distributed.