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Step-In, Speak-Up

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Institutions and Organizations can access licenses to provide access to the training by contacting Kognito Interactive. For more information please contact Kognito at: 212-675-9234, [email protected]


Step In, Speak Up! is a 30-minute online, interactive training simulation that helps adults understand the challenges that LGBTQ students in grades 6-12 face, and gives them the opportunity to practice techniques for creating a supportive environment by engaging in a series of virtual role-play scenarios with virtual students. School personnel and other youth-serving adults who complete the training will know how to:

  • Recognize the needs and obstacles of high-risk student populations such as LGBTQ students
  • Promote a “safe space” for all students with effective classroom management techniques
  • Initiate a conversation with a student about sensitive topics, such as bullying
  • Know when and how to ask a student if they are thinking about suicide

Throughout Step In, Speak Up!, users assume the role of a teacher and engage in role-play conversation with fully-animated, emotionally-responsive virtual students. Both during and after each conversation, users receive personalized feedback based on their performance. Step In, Speak Up! is listed in the AFSP/SPRC Best Practices Registry for Suicide Prevention.

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Find out how to obtain licenses for Step In, Speak Up! for your institution by contacting Kognito directly at info[email protected] or 212-675-9234.

Step In, Speak Up! is the result of a collaboration among The Trevor Project and Kognito Interactive.