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My Second Coming Out

As a kid, I was really good at following the “rules.” Growing up in a more conservative suburb outside of St. Louis, Missouri, my goal was to fit in: that I’d find a good husband, get a decent job, have a couple of kids, travel when I could, live a good life. Like I was expected to, like I was supposed to. Being a lesbian never felt like an option. While I didn’t experience much blatant homophobia, it wasn’t talked about. I didn’t let myself think that I might be gay until college. I was so scared of breaking the…
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As Pride Month Ends, Celebration of Legislative Wins Continues

The parades, picnics, and festivals that symbolize Pride Month may have concluded until next June, but we know that Pride celebrated by and for LGBTQ+ communities reverberates year-round. This is particularly true when considering the legal advancements made for LGBTQ+ young people across the nation during the 2024 state legislative sessions. While discriminatory bills that aim to erase or harm LGBTQ+ young people and adults alike often make headlines, it’s critical that we recognize the collective power we have in supporting legislators who champion key legal advancements. With over 260 LGBTQ+ affirming bills introduced in 40 states aimed at advancing…

Harry’s Proudly Supports The Trevor Project

This year, we’ve partnered with Harry’s on an inspiring campaign that spotlights the protective factors that positively impact mental health in the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout the month of June, Harry’s will share stories written by individuals as letters to their younger selves that reflect on an experience related to their mental health. Supporting each narrative will be insights and resources that encourage people to take action in their community and their own mental health journeys. As part of supporting this campaign, Harry’s is donating $400,000 to The Trevor Project in 2024, bringing their total contributions to over $2.1 million. This…
Photo of Tyler, our Pride in Action hero.

Meet Tyler

“Being here with The Trevor Project is such a full circle moment for me, you know, people and an organization that helped save my life.” - Tyler (he/him) Growing up in a conservative, church-going household in West Virginia,Tyler found meaning in his family and his church. When Tyler started to come to terms with his gay identity, he started to become isolated from his community. Tyler reached out to The Trevor Project, where he found support and encouragement from counselors. Encouraged by his mom’s unwavering love, Tyler came out to his community and became an advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, eventually…

Meet Carmen

“At the beginning of the school year, my guidance counselor reached out to me and asked me if I wanted her to get workplace training on trans identities. And initially I was hesitant. But they did have the workplace training, and I came across some of my former teachers and they expressed support for me. I went back to school my senior year, in person, and I had this fear of being misgendered or dead-named. And none of the teachers did.”  - Carmen (she/her) As a kid, Carmen found joy in her mom’s closet; she enjoyed dressing up in her…

Meet Parker

“Pride in action means I have a chance to make a dent in this world. And even if it means I can change the world for just one person and make one kid's life better, it means the world to me.” - Parker (they/them) Growing up in Wisconsin, Parker had to come out twice: first as bisexual, then as nonbinary. They found that knowledge from resources like The Trevor Project was power, and so Parker wanted to use their expertise in user experience to make a difference for other LGBTQ+ young people as well. Parker developed Q Guide, an LGBTQ+…