Caroline Bird

Writer/Volunteer Counselor

Member of the Board, Los Angeles, CA

Caroline Bird, The Trevor Project’s longest serving Lifeline counselor, has a passion for empowering others to help themselves. She graduated from Training Group #1 when Trevor’s first dedicated call center opened in Los Angeles in 2006. In addition to working on the Lifeline, Caroline’s experience at Trevor has encompassed roles as a Dear Trevor author, mentor to trainee volunteers, role play leader at numerous trainings, and Trevor Live Co-Chair.

Born and raised in England, Caroline’s background in television production encompasses experience in music, entertainment, children’s and breakfast news programming. After having children, Caroline was presented with the opportunity to pursue a long-held desire to “give back” and joined ChildLine, a UK helpline for “young people in trouble or in danger” as a volunteer counselor. Caroline answered calls at ChildLine’s national call center in London for eight years before relocating to Los Angeles with her family in 2004.

Beyond life at Trevor, Caroline is a writer with a long form work in progress and a competitive triathlete. She recently completed two Ironman distance races (consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2 mile marathon) and continues to devote many hours each week to training. Caroline is married to Andy Bird, Chairman of Walt Disney International and their two adult sons, Charlie and Toby, both attend NYU’s Gallatin School.

The product of a happy, stable upbringing, Caroline came to volunteering with a desire to simply “give back”. While she had no expectations, her interactions with LGBTQ youth in crisis has proved to be the most rewarding and fulfilling work Caroline has ever done.