Black History Month

As a son of former slaves, historian and scholar Carter G. Woodson of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History established the second week […]

MLK Day: A Time to Be of Service

As one of the greatest leaders in the advancement of civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr. combatted racial inequality with radical nonviolence, a protest tactic […]

Supporting World AIDS Day

  On World AIDS Day, we take a moment to reflect on how we can support those who are currently living with HIV and those […]

Building Resilience and Community During Transgender Awareness Week

From November 14-20, people across the world come together, building community around Transgender Awareness Week. This is a time to not only help raise visibility […]

The Importance of Asexual Awareness Week

By Founder of Asexual Awareness Week, Sara Beth Brooks This week, asexual people around the world are celebrating the sixth annual Asexual Awareness Week. When […]

World Mental Health Day

October 10, 2015 is World Mental Health Day. In the United States, mental health is much more accepted as a part of overall health than it […]

What Five Things Matter Most to Our Youth Advisory Council?

On October 17, our Youth Advisory Council will be meeting with our board to present five issues that the nation’s LGBTQ youth care about so […]

World Suicide Prevention Day & LGBTQ Youth

On September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day, long-time supporter Victoria Justice explains the startling statistics affecting LGBTQ youth. If you are in need, remember, it’s brave […]

NextGen New York Hosts Inspiring Speakers

On March 4 in New York, Trevor NextGen hosted an empowering event focusing on LGBTQ youth and the media. Throughout the evening, advocates and leaders […]

Facebook Allows Users to Fill-In their Own Gender Identities

A recent, exciting announcement marked a crucial milestone for the future of mainstream social media: Facebook announced that it would allow users to fill in […]