Research Brief: Diversity of Youth Gender Identity

Introduction Sex assigned at birth, gender, and gender identity impact individuals’ diverse lived experiences. Sex assigned at birth refers to the sex (usually male or […]

Research Brief: Diversity of Youth Sexual Orientation

Summary Sexual orientation is commonly defined as patterns of emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attractions to another person. Decades of research has demonstrated that sexual orientation […]

Research Brief: Unstable Housing and LGBTQ Youth Suicidality

Summary The national challenge surrounding homelessness and housing instability stems from both the prevalence of youth who experience homelessness as well as the relationship between […]

The Trevor Project Commends the FCC on its Report on the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act of 2018

Today the FCC released its “Report on the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act of 2018,” reporting on the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act that Congress […]

Research Brief: Sharing Thoughts of Suicide

Summary Suicide remains a significant public health issue as the second leading cause of death among youth aged 10-24 years old in the United States […]

National Estimate of LGBTQ Youth Seriously Considering Suicide

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY About The Trevor Project About this Work Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people (Hedegaard, Curtin, & Warner, 2018), […]

Research Brief: Accepting Adults Reduce Suicide Attempts Among LGBTQ Youth

Summary The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBS) highlights high rates of adverse mental health indicators among lesbian, gay, […]

Landmark Study Finds 39 Percent of LGBTQ Youth and More Than Half of Transgender and Non-Binary Youth Report Having Seriously Considered Suicide in the Past Twelve Months

New Research from The Trevor Project Represents Largest LGBTQ Youth Survey Sample Ever and Signals Immediate Call-to-Action for More LGBTQ Inclusive Policies Two-thirds of LGBTQ […]

Research Brief: Fostering the Mental Health of LGBTQ Youth

Introduction May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. At The Trevor Project, we are well aware of the many struggles endured by […]

Research Brief: Digital Support for Youth in Crisis

Summary As technology continues to rapidly shift in the U.S., youth are often at the forefront of its adoption. A Pew Research Center Survey (2018) […]