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Gender identity

[ jen-der ahy-den-ti-tee ]

A person’s experience of their own gender; a person’s innermost concept of self as masculine, feminine, a blend of both, another gender(s), or none. This is not always congruent with biological sex or gender assigned at birth.


Gender dysphoria

[ jen-der dis-fawr-ee-uh ]

The distress people might feel when their gender identity does not align with the gender and/or sex they were assigned at birth, their physical characteristics, or the treatment others subject them to.


Gender expression

[ jen-der ik-spresh-uhn ]

Elements of a person’s behavior, mannerisms, interests, and appearance, in relation to ideas of gender. Gender can be expressed via clothing, hair style, nail polish, gestures and mannerisms, vocal expressions, pronouns, and a wide range of other modes.


Gender Euphoria

[ jen-der yu-fawr-ee-uh ]

An overwhelming feeling of joy that results from aligning one's gender expression with their identity.


PGP (preferred gender pronouns)

[ pee-gee-pee, pri-fur-duh jen-der proh-noun-s ]

An outdated abbreviation which stands for Preferred Gender Pronouns. The term “pronouns” is now preferred to PGP and is widely accepted as such, because someone’s pronouns are their pronouns and not a matter of preference.



[ jen-der-kweer ]

Either a stand-alone identity that describes those with a gender outside of the binary, or as an umbrella term to describe a spectrum of non-binary gender identities. When serving as a stand-alone identity, it can encompass individuals who identify as both a man and a woman; neither man nor woman; moving between two or more genders; or having an overlap or blur of gender and orientation.