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Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is Honored at Variety’s Power of Women Event for Her Support for The Trevor Project

In 2012, Anna Kendrick performed with multiple-Tony award-winning Kristen Chenoweth at TrevorLIVE. It was a defining moment that brought her back to her passion of singing after she hadn’t performed live in ten years. That night connected her to The Trevor Project and a community of LGBTQ youth who today follow her through her social media channels. Kendrick’s passion for our organization is what led her to recognize our work at Variety’s Power of Women event in October, honoring women who are using their celebrity statuses to raise awareness for philanthropic causes across the world.

With the fight to gain and maintain LGBTQ rights still an issue in our country, despite the progress that’s been made in the government and media’s portrayal of LGBTQ characters, it’s important that role models and allies like Anna Kendrick align themselves with our work. “I just think that what The Trevor Project does is necessary,” she says. “I remember a couple of years ago I had a friend say, ‘I am glad LGBTQ rights are important to you.’ It was the first time that I considered that people think it’s unique or brave to champion LGBTQ rights. It just seems that it should be the same as all basic human rights.”

In her beautiful speech about The Trevor Project, Kendrick talks about the need for our services, now more than ever.

“As adults, we’ve made our decisions about what’s right and what’s moral, and when we hear politicians spouting messages of homophobia and transphobia, we have the strength of our conviction to rely on, but as a teen trying to navigate the world, who hasn’t found a system of support, those reactionary voices are loud, and ugly, and capable of making a young person see the way they were born as an insurmountable obstacle. For those who feel this, Trevor is there, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The Trevor Project educates and advocates for LGBTQ youth in schools and the political arena. However, we are first and foremost here to provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention through phone, chat and text. In spite of the progress of forwarding LGBTQ rights in recent years, the numbers of teens reaching out to our services has only grown, because, as Anna Kendrick states, “Hate is still real, and families who disown their children for coming out is still real, and conversion therapy and its devastating effects are still real and getting married and getting jobs are not teens’ priorities when their home and day-to-day lives make them feel trapped and alone.”

Anna Kendrick was awarded alongside Salma Hayek for her work with Chime for Change, Oprah Winfrey for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation, Gwyneth Paltrow for her work with LA Kitchen, and Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki for her work with Room to Read. We thank Variety for making it possible to raise awareness about our life-saving resources among a crowd of philanthropists, opinion leaders, those who fight for change. More visibility means more LGBTQ youth know about our services, and it encourages supporters to make our work possible. Anna Kendrick’s speech and dedication to The Trevor Project’s mission is a reminder of our commitment to grow and make our services more accessible to all LGBTQ youth.