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Discussions of Faith

Discussions of Faith

September 24, 2013

The volunteer group Trevor NextGen New York’s most recent educational event, “LGBTQ Youth & Faith: A Multi-Denominational Conversation” featured a diverse panel of leaders and rich conversation on September 10th. Around 100 people of all ages and backgrounds attended. The Chair of NextGen’s Programming Committee, Elliot Epstein, described the purpose behind the event:

“We wanted to focus on an issue that Trevor’s Lifeline counselors frequently hear about from young callers: religion. There is a lot of media coverage surrounding religion and sexuality that has negative connotations. Instead, we wanted to highlight the positive and affirming faith leaders who are making leaps and bounds toward the greater acceptance of LGBTQ youth. It’s important for us to recognize positive role models like our panelists, and let youth know that you can be religious, and LGB, T or Q, and still be loved and embraced.”

Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist panelists covered topics like marriage equality, trans* experiences in their communities, and more. “People left feeling uplifted and energized,” said Elliot. “The event was infused with a degree of levity and lightheartedness that put everyone at east and fostered a more productive conversation. We’re excited to plan more events like this in the future.”

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