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Happily Ever After Dreams Possible for LGBTQ Youth

June 25, 2013

Statement from Abbe Land, Executive Director & CEO

West Hollywood, CA (June 26, 2013) – Today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on two cases that affect the freedom to marry of LGBT people. This momentous news affects not just adults, but also LGBT and questioning youth. Below follows a statement from Abbe Land, Executive Director and CEO of The Trevor Project, the nation’s leading provider of crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBT and questioning youth.

“What a day to celebrate history and let every lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young person know that they deserve a chance to have a happily ever after! It is incredibly affirming for young LGBTQ youth to know that if they choose to marry they are afforded the same rights as all married couples and will be treated equally under law. Of course, not all happily ever after dreams have to do with marriage or weddings, and even with today’s celebratory news, there will still be LGBTQ youth who need the life-saving, life-affirming support that The Trevor Project provides

“Simply because of who they are, LGBTQ young people face prejudice, fear and hate, which is why they are at a greater risk to do self-destructive things like attempt suicide. Earlier this month, Pew Research released a study revealing that 39% of LGBT people have been rejected by family or friends, 30% have been physically attacked or threatened, and 58% have been the subject of slurs or jokes. And recently, we learned that each year, one out of every three gay, lesbian or bisexual students in the San Francisco Unified School District reportedly attempts suicide. For transgender students, that number jumps to nearly one in two. When such challenges face youth even in progressive and affirming communities like San Francisco, we know there is still a long way to go to make sure that LGBTQ youth can seek a future of limitless possibilities.

“The Trevor Project proudly celebrates the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling to reduce discrimination against LGBT couples. It sends a strong message to LGBTQ youth that their dreams for a happily ever after have value and that the freedom to marry is possible.”

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people under 24. Every day, The Trevor Project saves young lives through its free and confidential lifeline, instant messaging and text messaging services, best-practice in-school workshops, educational materials, online resources and advocacy. Honored by the White House as a Champion of Change, The Trevor Project is a leader and innovator in suicide prevention. Learn more at