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Talk to Me: The Bigger Picture

September 24, 2013

For its third year this September, The Trevor Project is sharing the message of “Talk to Me” to spread awareness about how three simple words can help save a life. Trevor’s campaign for conversation was built on a foundation of research that illustrates the power of one-on-one connections. When we let someone know they can talk to us, we’re increasing their likelihood of reaching out for help if they are ever in crisis – and that can be life-saving.

Throughout National Suicide Prevention Month, many of you have helped spread the strength contained in one short phrase – talk to me – to make it easier for someone to ask for support if they need it. Online, thousands of people took the Talk to Me pledge, advocated for life-affirming laws, and vowed to bring suicide prevention education to schools and youth groups nationwide.

“Talk to Me” does more than spread awareness about suicide prevention and offer ways for us to take action – it reminds each of us that three simple words can have the power prevent suicide. After all, Talk to Me is not just a kind phrase; it’s a way for each of us to help keep the people we care about healthy, supported and safe.