Tyler Oakley’s 24/7 Story

“Moments of crisis are different for everyone, and I hope that by sharing mine, LGBTQ youth know there’s no reason too big or small to reach out to The Trevor Project. Asking for support isn’t always easy — it’s important to meet LGBTQ young people where they are, with counselors who are trained to meet their unique needs, and on platforms, they’re comfortable using.”
-Tyler Oakley

AT&T Invests in LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention

As a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community, AT&T was proud to make a $1 million contribution in 2018 and to announce a long-term partnership with The Trevor Project. Helping to modernize and transform The Trevor Project’s proven suicide prevention capabilities means connecting more LGBTQ youth to The Trevor Project’s life-saving services.

“Our work with The Trevor Project is especially meaningful to AT&T. We’re proud to make millions of connections every day and those connections are never more important than in a time of need or crisis,” said Valerie Vargas, SVP of advertising and creative services, AT&T.

“As one of the first corporate allies of the LGBTQ community, providing resources and support– whether it’s through our technology or our dedicated employees – to help save lives of LGBTQ young people is a crucial part of our mission.”

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