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We are committed to producing innovative research that brings knowledge and clinical implications to the field of suicide research. We accomplish this by leading the development, execution, and analysis of survey data collected from LGBTQ young people. We translate these findings to inform evidence-based policies and practices.

Acceptance from Adults is Associated with Lower Rates of Suicide Attempts Among LGBTQ Young People
SEP. 22, 2023 — LGBTQ young people who had accepting adults in their lives reported significantly lower odds of attempting suicide compared to those who did not.
School-Related Protective Factors for LGBTQ Middle and High School Students
AUG. 24, 2023 — LGBTQ middle and high school students with access to at least one school-related protective factor had 26% lower odds of attempting suicide in the past year.
LGBTQ Young People of Color in Online Spaces
JUL. 19, 2023 — Feeling safe and understood in at least one online space is associated with lower suicide risk and lower rates of recent anxiety for all LGBTQ young people, and for LGBTQ young people of color in particular.
Civic Engagement and Mental Health Among LGBTQ Young People
JUN. 21, 2023 — The majority of LGBTQ young people participated in protests, expressed their opinions to public officials, or performed community service in their local communities in the past year.
The Association of Community-Level Environmental Indicators on the Mental Health of LGBTQ Young People
MAY. 31, 2023 —
The Relationship Between Caring Teachers and the Mental Health of LGBTQ Students
MAY. 10, 2023 — Feeling that their teachers or professors cared a lot or very much about them was associated with significantly lower odds of attempting suicide in the past year among LGBTQ young people.

National Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ Young People

Amplifying the experiences of more than 28,000 LGBTQ young people (ages 13-24) across the United States, our fifth annual survey underscores negative mental health impacts of anti-LGBTQ policies & victimization, while also underscoring the protective nature of affirming homes and schools, and how LGBTQ young people would envision a more accepting world.


of LGBTQ young people seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year — and young people who are transgender, nonbinary, and/or people of color reported higher rates than their peers.


of LGBTQ young people wanted mental health care in the past year were not able to get it.


of LGBTQ young people reported that they felt discriminated against in the past year and 15% reported being threatened with or subjected to conversion therapy.

Research Collaboration

We, currently, don’t have additional capacity to partner on research studies or papers. We anticipate this changing at some point in the future as the Research team grows.