How we channel passion into protocol.

We prepare counselors to navigate a variety of situations that may come up on our crisis services through instruction that explores how to embody our Counselor Values, follow Counselor Principles, and apply Counseling Skills.


40 hours of virtual 
training over 10 weeks.

Throughout counselor training, volunteers will cover topics including counseling skills, LGBTQ identity, our Support Model (the 
structure of a conversation on our crisis services), 
and relevant policies & procedures to prepare them to speak with young people in crisis.

Role-play, shadowing, 
and supervised shifts.

Trainees and active counselors work closely with members of our team and have access to role-play scenarios, supervised support shifts, and one-on-one office hours to ensure that they are able to practice and apply their acquired skills in a supportive environment.

Instilling proficiency in chat/text/call software.

Throughout the crisis counselor training process, trainees will become familiar with our best-in-class technology, which helps us support youth in crisis.

Train to be a Trevor counselor.

Future counselors are chosen based on their dedication and commitment to the work. You do not need a driver’s license to become a crisis counselor for The Trevor Project, but there are a few requirements.

  • Volunteers go through a comprehensive counselor training program on trauma and LGBTQ competency that exceeds that of similar organizations.
  • Ability to make a one-year minimum commitment, with one three-hour shift per week
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have access to a personal computer, and private space.

There are other ways to help.

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