Annual Report FY2015

The Trevor Project is dedicated to innovating our services so that we can continue to support the growing number of youth who need our help through calls, chats, texts, and our online community.

Answer over 54,000 Calls, Texts, and Chats

3.1% increase in Lifeline calls, with a 16.0% increase in TrevorTexts, and 23.5% increase in TrevorChats



Answer over 43,600 Lifeline calls per year

With the help of a grant from the MacFarlane Foundation, we were able to update our call center with a new cloud-based queue system so that we could prioritize high-risk callers d increase functionality. This allowed us to continue to answer our high volume of calls, with the most efficiency.


As a confidential online peer-to-peer support system, continues to grow and be a safe online space for LGBTQ youth. With our upcoming relaunch, we gathered members’ feedback, which helped us rebuild and strengthen this global resource even more.

with a 27.1% increase between 2014 and 2015


Young people are reaching out for help over TrevorChat and TrevorText more than ever before. This growth illustrates the importance of these innovative digital communication programs, and reminds us that in a tech-driven nation, The Trevor Project must make sure that we are able to answer youth in need in any way they reach out to us.


Note: Some trans youth may be included amongst those who identify as male or female.


For a PDF of Trevor’s 2015 Program statistics, click here

Principal Program Research Investigator: Jeremy Goldbach, Ph.D. and LMSW

“The data we collect will help us get deeper insight about whom Trevor serves, and how to serve them better. This research will help change lives and has already impacted the focus of my career.”

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Program Volunteers

The Trevor Project’s lifesaving programs would not be possible without our team of skilled volunteers. After intensive 40-hour trainings, these amazing supporters offer their compassion and time to help save the lives of LGBTQ youth over the phone, chat, text, and online. Learn about some of these volunteers, all of whom serve as Trevor heroes, day in and day out.


25.3% increase in Lifeline volunteers and a 31.0% increase in Chat and Text volunteers

Program Volunteer: Ari

“We shine a light for everyone in the darkness who needs help to find their way back safely.”

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Program Volunteer: Yaitza

“The Trevor Project has a lot of counselors from the LGBTQ community who understand young people’s issues first-hand, either from personal experiences or from peers.”

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Program Volunteer: Holley

“It’s the responsibility we hold as loving, informed, strong adults to make sure any progress supersedes the backlash.”

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Program Volunteer: Cindy

“Trevor has done so much for creating a space for young voices to be heard, but we have to be wary of becoming complacent. We still have so much further to go for equality and safety.”

When a family friend was not accepted at home for his sexuality, then later became homeless, Cindy realized a support network could have changed his quality of life. She decided to become a part of The Trevor Project. “I vowed to never let someone feel like they were alone just because they were different,” she says.

Now, Cindy’s biggest joy at Trevor is connecting LGBTQ youth to helpful, safe resources that they have never heard of before so that they can start living as their authentic selves.