About The Trevor Project

Strategic Plan & Mission

The mission of The Trevor Project is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people.

Leadership perspective

The Trevor Project was founded more than two decades ago to respond to a public health crisis impacting LGBTQ youth — a crisis whose magnitude is huge, and one that we have worked tirelessly to end. LGBTQ young people are more than four times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers, and suicide remains the second leading cause of death among all young people in the United States. In 2019, our research team published the nation’s first estimate of LGBTQ youth considering suicide in partnership with leading experts from across the country. This ground-breaking research showed that over 1.8 million LGBTQ young people in the United States consider suicide each year.

Thanks to the work of our team, our volunteers, and our supporters across the country, The Trevor Project has become the leading global organization responding to the crisis of LGBTQ youth suicide. We have grown from a 24/7 phone Lifeline reaching several thousand youth per year, to a preeminent resource for LGBTQ youth in crisis — one that remains the primary resource for over half of the youth who reach out to us. While continuing to grow the impact of our Lifeline substantially, we have also launched on-demand digital services for youth to reach out 24/7 over text and online. In addition, we created TrevorSpace, the largest safe space social network for LGBTQ youth to connect — not just in the United States, but in over 100 countries across the globe.

The last few years have brought unprecedented change in the organization. The Trevor Project formalized research as a key organizational pillar, and since then The Trevor Project’s research team has published multiple original research briefs and launched the world’s largest survey of LGBTQ youth mental health. We also significantly expanded The Trevor Project’s advocacy work, including the adoption of a nationwide campaign to end conversion therapy — one that has helped to stop this dangerous practice in states across the country. The last few years have also seen unprecedented growth across The Trevor Project’s crisis services: with the support of significant innovations in technology, The Trevor Project has been able to launch its digital (Text and Chat) services to reach young people 24/7.

While celebrating this growth, we also know there is still an enormous amount of work ahead. This crisis calls for expanding our movement to end suicide among LGBTQ youth — and The Trevor Project is here to heed that call. This plan outlines tangible goals and strategies to position The Trevor Project to build on our successes and dramatically increase our impact. It was generated over a comprehensive nine-month strategic planning process with input from a wide range of stakeholders across our community: LGBTQ youth, the Board of Directors, staff, crisis counselors, volunteers, donors, peer organizations and leading multi-disciplinary experts from across the globe. Throughout that process, we explored trends in The Trevor Project’s growth to date, opportunities for growth ahead, and potential threats and disruptions that could challenge this growth. What has resulted is a strategy grounded in rigorous analysis and focused on the relentless pursuit of our mission in the years ahead.

On behalf of everyone across The Trevor Project’s community, we want to say thank you. The progress The Trevor Project has made to date would not be possible without the guidance and vision of so many who came before us. We welcome you to continue to build this movement with us as we look to the future and work tirelessly to save young LGBTQ lives.

In possibility,
Gina Muñoz
Chair of the Board of Directors

Amit Paley
CEO & Executive Director

Download The Trevor Project’s Strategic Plan 2020–2023