How TrevorSpace connects 100+ countries, across 6 continents.

LGBTQ young people have a place to be themselves.

Whether it’s about family challenges, or coming out for the first time, or whatever’s going on in your life – for a lot of LGBTQ young people, this is a chance to finally express what they feel and experience everyday.

There is always someone dealing with the same thing.

It’s not just a community that is there to listen, it’s also a group of like-minded people of similar ages that experience the same situations faced by LGBTQ young people.

It's a safe space, and moderated by us.

Our team is dedicated to growing TrevorSpace as a respectful and affirming place where LGBTQ young people around the world can make friends and learn more about themselves.

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Every day, LGBTQ young people in crisis reach out. It is vital we make sure our volunteers can continue to offer that support.

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