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Macy's Mission Every One: In Support of Trevor's Life-Saving Work

BY: Trevor News
Support the Trevor Project

We’re proud to partner with Macy’s and support their mission to create a brighter future with bold representation for all. Mission Every One is Macy’s commitment to use its business and brands to tackle the barriers to representation so, together, we can realize the potential of every one of us. They’ll direct $5 billion of spend by 2025 to its people, partners, products and programs to create a more equitable and sustainable future—and empower more voice, choice and ownership.

Because the history of progress shows that when people feel confident to own their story and pursue their dreams, they change the narrative for every one. You can help shape a more inclusive future by giving back to The Trevor Project through Macy’s charitable giving program. From June 1-30, customers can round up their in-store purchases (up to $0.99) and donate their change, or donate online, to support our mission of providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services. Learn more at

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