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Meet Sophia

BY: Trevor News

“The first time I contacted The Trevor Project, it really helped to have someone to just listen — not tell you that you’re wrong, or that you’re just a teenager.”

The world of theater is where Sophia first found a queer community. Through plenty of soul searching and after receiving some support from The Trevor Project, Sophia was able to truly come out on her own terms.

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Meet Jamie and Rebekah

“There’s a gift in raising a transgender child because they teach you what it means to really love the person in front of you.”
Alma and Enrique

Meet Alma and Enrique

“When Enrique invited me to join LGBT Rights Mexico it changed my life, because he gave me that chosen family that in the end became my safe space. I met many people from all over the country, and in the end, I found what I thought I didn't have.” - Alma (she/her) Enrique founded “LGBT Rights” Mexico in 2021 because he didn’t think it was possible to be out in politics in Mexico. He decided that being his authentic self would bring change to the Mexico political system, and his co-founded Alma has found purpose in organizing.