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Meet Sophia

BY: Elliott Sylvester

“The first time I contacted The Trevor Project, it really helped to have someone to just listen — not tell you that you’re wrong, or that you’re just a teenager.”

The world of theater is where Sophia first found a queer community. Through plenty of soul searching and after receiving some support from The Trevor Project, Sophia was able to truly come out on her own terms.

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Gender cool

Meet the leaders from Gender Cool

“It's been such a positive thing to just be with people just like you.” - Hayden (she/her) The GenderCool Project is a youth-led movement bringing positive change to the world. The Champions are helping replace misinformed opinions with positive experiences meeting transgender and non-binary youth who are thriving.

Meet Jahmai

“I’m Black, I’m Deaf, and queer; that’s who I am.”